Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Baby!


man i love me a friday!
even better? A friday with drinks after it! PUHLEASE sign me up!
i am gonna need a few brews after this week...

*one week left of school... 21 8 year olds make this lady CRAZY!!!*

I am so glad that i have two days off to relax & recoop!
I have zero plans as of yet for this weekend..
i think D & I might go to an antique/resale store & hopefully play outside!
fingers crossed!!

so to get us through this friday
and make it to happy hour I will leave you with a few things
to make you at least a little happy :)

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

happy friday lovers!
play outside this weekend.
enjoy it.
you deserve it.

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  1. Haha love that ecard about Pinterest... So true! Happy Friday girly!!

  2. I love that Chipette/BBT pin. I posted that on FB the other day. It's so weird how alike it is!

  3. love that last one - have a great weekend pretty girl!

  4. YAY FRIDAY! Happy hour is ALWAYS fun. Have a great weekend!

  5. ahhhh the chipmunks!!! ITS SO TRUE. Have you seen the Dexters Lab one? The characters look and are posed just like the Big Bang Theory, it's eerie.

  6. I love the Chipmunks picture!!!!

  7. The Chipmunks are hillarious!

  8. Haha, the chipmunks one is my favorite!!! And Pinterest, absolutely. Give me steps one and two and we're good but anymore, I got better things to do. Maybe thats why I've never done a Pinterest project? Sad to say but true. Plus the lack of creativity I have

  9. omg, the big bang theory photo is spot-on!! looove those girls!

  10. fridays are my favorite days...hooray! i'll be getting my drink on, for sure! (am i guessing correctly that you are a teacher (21-8 yr olds?))? if so, you deserve that drink! i have two of my own, haha!

    happy blogaversary!
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  11. Hope you had a great weekend. And that picture of woody is too much fun.

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