Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Your jobs a joke, you're broke, you're love life's DOA

Goood Morning babes!
So i am subbing today in special ed today & i am very excited!
The weather here is GORGEOUS & i am wearing one of my most favoritest dresses.
Sprinnnnng time, i am lovin' you baby.

Anyways as a 90's child there is one thing that i love more
than many people in this world and that would be the phenomenom

Those six people made me laugh, cry, crazy & all around feel better on any day of the week..
Now there are many things I have learned from friends.
and I wanted to share a few of those today.

one. When in doubt about what type of hairstyle to ask for
always ask for the 'Rachel'
I had it, you had it, we all had it.

two. We will never ever know Chandler Bing's real job.
did we ever really care?

three. Monica was never fat. EVER. I see past that fat suit
and the skinny girl is shining through. Nice try courtney cox,
but we all know you are a skinny betch.

four. Rachel&Ross will forever be the best & my personal
favorite tv couple of all time.
end of story.

five. "how you doin?" We all read that the EXACT same way.

six. No matter how disgusting it is, i always wanted to know
what 'big fat naked guy' looked like.

seven. I still know & love the lyrics to 'smelly cat'

eight. Swimming in fountain has never looked more fun.

nine. I have complete unrealistic ideas of what NYC living is.

ten. I will never ever go on a 'break'

But to make you feel better...
because this WILL ALWAYS make your day :)

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  1. I LOVE Friends. Now, I wanna have a Friends marathon! lol

  2. Ahhhh LOVE Friends!! And those bloopers- I'm dyyying. Rachel was always my favorite!

  3. Haha fabulous post! I fall asleep to Friends reruns on Nick at Nite almost every single night- love it! I'll never ever get sick of the show. Oh the Rachel....I definitely had it & you're right- no one will EVER beat Ross and Rachel. Thanks for making me smile on this Tuesday!!

  4. I agree with everything here 100%. I miss Friends so much. I'll stay up all night watching it sometimes! I totally just teared up watching the final scene.....

  5. Oh my gosh I was just singing smelly cat earlier!

  6. LOL all I could think of was Ross and Rachel when I told my college boyfriend we needed to go "on a break". Surprise surprise we never got back together officially which was definitely for the best! He was probably out everywhere asking girls "How you doin"

    Friends is hands down the best tv show!

  7. this was so great!

    I admit I went and got the "rachel" haircut a time or two because I just loved her so much.
    Also... the famous Joey line can not be read any way else!

    This literally made my day, so thank you for that!
    -Heather Ann

  8. Friends is my favorite show ever. I rushed through a final in 20 minutes in college to see the finale I love the show so much! I got a B haha!

  9. Ahh! This was perfect! I had a smile on my face the whole time thinking of episodes! So glad it's on TBS over & over & over!

  10. I just found you and this may be a little forward but .. I love you already. haha ps I learned how to play smelly cat on the guitar ... that's how much I loved it. wish I could figure out all her other songs. :P


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