Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What I am LOVING!

Happy Hump Day!
Well Friends it looks like we made it half way through this week!!
thank god.

last night i did a whole lotta nothing.
literally i went through a few boxes of teaching stuff & watched food network.
yeah...i didnt even have dinner. i just had a few snacks.
what is going on with me..

get it together sarah!!

Tonight D & I are going to this HUGE book close out.
well i don't know if it 'close out' is the best word, but the local libraries etc
bring TONS of books & sell them super cheap.
and we all know momma love a bargain! duhh.
 I am trying to stock upfor my classroom!
 I am really excited to see it & spend some monies!

ANYWHOOS I wanted to share with you something that i am

Scentsy. I am obsessed. Now I won't lie i want a new (or two) warmers
& I don't just use the scentsy brand..i have used better homes & garden
from walmart, but I love them! I have 3-4 scentsy waxes plus 2-3 from
but advice--how long do you lets yours burn? I have had two wax squares burning in mine
for abut 2 weeks..I usually turn it on when i get home,  then try to remember
to turn it off when i go to bed, but after two weeks... i cant really smell it anymore.
any tips???
I love this warmer!

I am loving my long term sub position. It was is stressful because coming in
at the end of the year & trying to plan is HARD! Things were left in a bit of a mess
but I am working past it & trying to get things smoothed out!
I will share more about it next week!
But the kiddos are great & i jut adore them :)

spring weather. Granted it has been crappy around here the last two days
this weekend aws GORGEOUS! I cannot wait til the back & forth weather stops
and it is just beautiful spring days :)
Windows down, country music up & barefeet..
it makes my heart happy!
How effing cute??
makes my heart melt!

new nail polishes. I swear I am turning into Allie.
I keep buying new nail polishes & have been re painting my nails
every other day it feels like.
here are a few colors I am diggin'

i lvoe this spattered look.
all my gorgeous followers :) thank you so much for following me
and being even the least bit interested in what I have to say!
I know i promised a give away at 100 members...well i TOTALLY
forgot. /badblogger.
BUT i am shoppin this weekend & i will get it all set up for next
week for me one hundred & thirty something give away :)

XO pretty ladies!
see ya tomorrow!
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  1. I am sick of this rain, but loving the Spring temps!

    If you need any help with the giveaway let me know!

    love you pretty!

    P.S. I had a weird dream about you last night lol

  2. all kinds of good stuff! love it. enjoy your book sale tonight with the boy.

  3. Loving that pink nail polish!!

  4. I need spring. It's raining and cold here and I'm totally over it. (well you're not far, your weather is probably the same.) I need warm!
    I leave my scentsy on pretty much all the time. I turn it on in the morning, turn it off before bed. It definitely doesn't smell as strongly after awhile, so when I'm not so lazy I just use smaller chunks of the wax.

  5. I too leave my Scentsy warmers on 24/7. PS, I sell the junk so I have plenty on stock! I believe they say the cubes are supposed to last about 10+ hrs, since I leave mine on 24/7 sometimes mine die out within a day or two. I LOVE the new leopard plug-in that they've got out. Works fab in my bathroom!

  6. I can't get enough of Scentsy! :) I want 2 or 3 or more new warmers as well :)

    love the teal and matte pink nail polish! :)

    I am glad you are loving your long-term sub position. that is so exciting! :)

  7. My cousin started selling for Scentsy a couple years ago and she got me hooked but now I just get refills from Walmart too. When I am done with a scent I put the top of the warmer in the freezer for an hour or two then it slides out (or pops out after you bang it on the garbage can). If I am just going to use the same scent I'll just add more cubes until it can't handle anymore.

    I am in the same boat on eating lately. I've been alone this week so after work I'll just grab some pretzels and spinach dip then follow it with an ice cream sandwich. I now have zero energy and my pants are fitting weird (not loose mind you) so maybe I will learn my lesson tonight.
    They Call Me Gypsy Queen

  8. I use 4 Scentsy squares in my tart burner and I'm usually able to let it go all day for about a week. I second sticking the burner into the freezer to get the wax out. Easiest thing ever!

  9. Is that 1st polish Essie's Turquoise & Caicos? If so GET IT! It's one of my favs currently ;)

  10. I'm obsessed with scentsy too! We have 4 in our house, plus one in a box from our ski condo. It's out of hand, but with dogs and a house that 50 bajillion Air Force families have lived in, it's a necessity. Ours are on 24/7 too, and I try to replace them once a week or so.


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