Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

How is the weekend already over?
Monday? I didn't miss you. Can i rewind back to friday afternoon??
I want to re do this weekend!
I had so much fun &  don't want it to be over!
I am subbing half day this afternoon so I am working on applications & email principals
but of course i had to link up with Sami for
Weekend Shenanigans to share my fab weeeekend!!

Friday after I got off work & came home to change I went to this
burrito eating contest for Akpsi (organization I was in during college)
it was alumni weekend so there were events all weekend and this was the first..
I just watched the partaking!
Cardi// Charlotte Russe Scarf//Express

Then after that ended I had to get ready for the second event which was just at
a bar downtown. There was of course a bit of pregaming before hand..
Shirt// F21 Wedges// Target

on the way..haha

The night get a little cray and I don't have any photos of it..
which is honestly probably a good thing. I ended up getting a sober driver
over to manfriend's place

Saturday we slept in. It was so nice NOT setting an alarm!
So Saturday was my friend cody's birthday, also man friend's
best friend (that is how i met him) and cody & i graduated from college together.
A bunch of us were really close throughout school & since it was his bday
a few people came back to town to celebrate. So a few of my gal pals, Megan & Lindsey got to
town and of course we had to do a little shopping so to the mall we went.
BE PROUD OF ME! I didn't buy one thing!!
yeah that is self control.
Cody & Jen (his fiance) had a BBQ before heading out to celebrate.
It was a blast. My first BBQ of spring & let me tell you it did NOT disappoint!!

 The girls!
 The bday boy & his fiance :)
Man Friend & I-- his name is Dave
yah we are both attractive... lol

After the BBQ we headed out to our fave karaoke bar!
There were many brews & a LOT of dancing!
We had a great time & hopefully cody had a fab time on his birthday.
Here are a few pictures, since I know those are probs a lot more exciting
than what i have to say!

Sunday there was even more sleeping in..til almost TEN!!
Dave (who i will probs refer to as D on here) & i watched Shallow Hal
 and ate a lot of grilled cheese & tomato soup! Then there was napping
& more movies.
SOOOO LAZY! I ended up back at home to catch up
on RHOA reunion. GIRRRRL
Kim SUCKS! I loved her, but she is just obnoxious and HOW AWFUL did she look
in that dress? ICK
her stylist should be shot.
But i loved how kim & nene hugged!

anyways I better get going. I have to sub soon & plus
I am getting my ass to the gym afterwards!

How was your weekend???
happy monday babes!

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  1. eekkkk HI DAVE!!! :) :)
    Sounds like a fab wayyyy more fun than mine. I feel old now. haha.
    Love that pic of you and Dave. Hilarious! :)
    Love you!! xo

  2. You always have the CUTEST outfits! & I'm so jealous you got to go to a BBQ. I'm gonna need one of my friends to throw a BBQ asap! lol
    Glad you had such a good weekend!

  3. Haha! Looks like an amazing weekend!! Love the pics!!

  4. Amazing week...the pictures are amazing. Loving your outfits. I'm SO jealous you were able to wear shorts..its so cold here still :(

  5. sarah and dave sitting in a tree. eeeeee - i love this!! yay for you. you look SO happy!!

  6. Looks like a fun weekend! I loved your outfit! And if you can go back to friday take me with you! haha I want my weekend again

  7. hello to a fun weekend. goodbye to fun weekend. hello man friend!!!!!!

    thats all.


  8. You look so happy! Hi Dave! Eeek! So excited for you! :)

  9. For some reason the first BBQ of spring always tastes the best!

  10. Ohhhh hey cute manfriend.. you go girl! Love your blue top with the leopard shoes, so cute! Oh and RHOA.. according to Twitter Kim and Nene are reconciled. I am so happy haha.


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