Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The time has come the walrus said

to talk of many things
of shoes & ships & ceiling wax
and cabbages and kings.

I love that poem.
I really dont have a lot for ya today.
I am heading out to an education job fair at Missouri State.
There will be districts from all over so hopefully
*fingers crossed*
i will make some connections & get an interview. I am trying to stay positive
about this job hunt. It's gotta be my time, right?

So i will be doing that this morning, then driving around to hand out
resumes and all the jazz. Good vibes ARE ALWAYS welcome :)

Last night all i did was watch Real Housewives & Teen Mom 2.
i am so annoying.
 I need another habit.
but really...an addiction is an addiction.

Can we just get rid of alexis? Literally the whole sky zone thing...i changed the channel.
she is so irrelevant. Come on bravo, give her the boot.
Vicky's hair is looking ROUUUUUGH. SICK.
Tamra's hair is looking great though, way less fake.
Whatev, i fall more in love with heather each week! Her facial expressions
make me laugh out loud!

I am behind on RHOA, i WANTTTT to see that reunion.
i gotta get on that.

I need help.

Before i head out I just wanna amp up a few bloggy babes
i am SOOO digging lately.




They are fabulous
quite beautiful inside & out!
Go check them out.

Happy tuesday sexy pants.
three days til friday...

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  1. Good luck today!! Hope you get the perfect interview :)

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

  2. Ohhh heyyyy, I love you! I was shocked to scroll down reading this post and see my face with Walty! haha. Thanks so much!

    Good luck today! I hope you get an interview soon!

    Love youuuu!


    1. Ohhh, I forgot to mention...B watches Teen Mom!! HAHAHA - we had a ridiculous conversation about the girls the other night. OMG - it was great/hilarious/weird. lol

  3. good luck today! knock em dead pretty girl!

  4. I'm right there with you on Alexis. What I don't get is WHY they have been involved in so many businesses. You'd think if something is successful they'd stick with it right? Maybe not, idk. Vickie looked AWFUL at the clam bake. Ugh, not a fan.

    Good luck today, girl!

  5. And why the sea is boiling hot- and whether pigs have wings- we'll live todaaaaay, like cabbages and kings!
    Sorry, I had to finish it haha I love Alice

  6. oh hey its me!!!!! :)

    Good luck and have fun! Co yoU!!

  7. I HATE that Vicki had work done! & Yea her hair wasn't looking the greatest. But I do love her & Briana's son is SO precious!
    Alexis is annoying.
    I LOVE Tamra, & I like Gretchen, but she could use a smack sometimes.
    I love Heather too! Hate that they are showing her and her hubs bickering so much though. I'm sure it's just the editing, but I like them together & don't want anything (the show!) to separate them. lol
    The RHOA reunion pt 1 was good. Definitely get on that! Although I wanted to smack Kenya with that damn fan. You'll see what I mean.
    WHEW! I'm not even gonna start on teen mom 2.

    Good Luck at the job fair!!

  8. I'm loving Heather more and more as well! And YESSSS Tamra's hair is looking much better. It look downright awful last year. Soooo excited RHOC is back! :-D

    And aren't you just the sweetest! I was scrolling down and all of a sudden there I was! Thank you so much for the shout out, you rock!

  9. I'm right there with you on Alexis. Do I love to hate her, or just hate her? I can't decide...


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