Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Good, The Bad & The UGGGGLAY

it is raining pretty hard here in Springfield MO
and i am not diggin it.
Granted it is so soothing...indoor recess is the pits!
such a teacher thing to say..but really.
okay so since i am always like 53156 years behind on everything,
i mean hello i still have a slide phone
and in the bloggy sphere i am even later on everything...
i am stealing the idea of the good, bad & the ugly i have seen floating
around these parts! I know everyone else did it like a million
years ago, but hey better late than never!
I am not sure where it got started, but i am hopping on the bandwagon!
- I am a very compassionate person. I put myself in other people's shoes
alot and i feel for them. I tend to let other people's problem's affect more
than they should. With that said I think that it is still a wonderful trait.
-I have virgin hair. My hair is naturally this color. I usually love being a red head
and i get complimented on it a lot.
-I tend to be very open minded and accept people of all walks of life. I try very hard
not to judge people because of their situation or their past. Try being the key word, sometimes
it is hard, but i do try.

- I get jealous easily. It is awful. That little green monster inside me
pokes his head out every so often. I need to learn to be satisfied with everything
i have & not compare myself to others.
-I am terrrrible at math. I can do basic things, but after that i do not get it.
I am so thankful for calculators & formulas. My mind does NOT work that way.
I am so worried about teaching math to kiddos..
-I have zero patience. Yes, with students i do, but outside the classroom it's like
a switch goes off & i have NOTHING! I get annoyed/irritated/pissy way too easily
over the smallest shiiit. It's not cute.

- I cannot remember the last time i cleaned my shower.
GA-ROOOOSS! I hate cleaning my bathroom..let's not even talk about behind
my toilet.

-I ate a box of cheez-its in less than a week...ALL BY MYSELF!
granted it was reduced fat.. that makes it better, right??
yeah, #fatgirlprobs

-I could spend HOURS watching reailty tv. And but could, I mean I DO.
trashier the better. Lizard Lick Towing & Hardcore Pawn
are my two faves lately.
it is sickening.

Tomorrow is Hump Day..we can make it!

What's your good, bad & ugggglies?!

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  1. I get jealous, too! I HATE IT! I don't know how to NOT be jealous. Ugh, I WANT to be happy with what I have...because I am VERY blessed. Ugh.

    I also have zero patience.

    And I love you a lot!

  2. oh my goodness! :) so great!

    the cheeze-it thing...I am totally guilty too. They are my favorite.
    I have patience with students too but when it comes to other things outside of teaching I lose all patience.

    Happy Rainy Tuesday!

  3. Cheeze-its are my guilty pleasure! Yum!

  4. I love this. I could eat anything with cheese anytime.

  5. Don't worry, I ate 2 packs of gummy bears in a day. I felt gross afterwards. They are just too addicting though.

  6. I struggle with patience too. And who doesn't love a good box of Cheez Its? Lol


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