Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring To-Do's

Hey babes!
It's thursday!!! I am so excited because that means tomorrow
is friday & i have fun fun plans! I won't be a grandma and be in bed by 10
this weekend, no sir-ee bob!

So now that the beautiful spring weather is upon us there are many things
i want to do. I love spring weather & being outside..aka sitting
on patios with a beer/swinging at the park. Let's not pretend i am outdoorys..

anywhoos I am stealing this idea from the gorgeous Julia Rose
she posted yesterday a list of things she wants to do this spring.
here is mine---

Go on many walks. There are so many beautiful parks/trails around here
and I want to start hitting them. There is a botanical garden near my apartment that 
i want to try out!

get a grill. I want a mini electric grill! Most apartments around here 
only allow electric, but I LOOOVE to grill out. I found a few shish kabob recipes
i want to try & i need a  grill.
plus, a hamburger is way better on the grill than the skillet.

speaking of new recipes I want to try/find fun tropical drinks to try 
that i can sip on the deck. I love fruity drinks with umbrellas
& i want to try to make my own.

visit a winery. Missouri has many wineries and i want to get a group together
and go visit one. Sitting out side sipping on some vino..does it get better?
i think not.
Source: via Amber on Pinterest

go karting. Branson in only about 45 minute drive from me and they tons of
go karting/put-put places. Both are things i love to do! I have always
loved go i just
need to find someone to go with me..

 I really want to go to a game soon!
Nosebleed seats aren't too badly priced, i love me some redbird baseball.
don't get me wrong, i'd rather have good seats!
sorry Stephanie, so hopefully i will get to go soon!

what are some of your springtime goals??

OOKAY  before i head out to sub I wanted to share something i am trying to do this Month!
The  30 in 30 challenge. 
I won't lie, I am a bit behind, but I WILL CATCH UP!!

basically it is 30 miles in 30 days
Nikki over at The Pink Growl is sponsoring this link up!


Monday 2.01 Miles on the treadmill. I walked/jogged from 3.6-5.2
Wednesday 2.0 Miles on the treadmill. I walked/jogged from 3.6-5.2 & 1.5 miles on the stationary bike.

TOTAL: 5.51 Miles
Miles Left: 42.49 Miles

I gotta keep it up.
I wanna get skinnnnay.
this is such a great way to stay motivated!!
thanks nikki for having this link up!!

alrighty I am outta here beauties!
have a fab thursday!

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  1. LET'S GO TO A BASEBALL GAME TOGETHER...since we won't be doing hockey until next season

  2. look at you having the best summer ever! i want to go to more MO wineries too. SO bad!

    tickets are flying around here ALL the time at work, don't ever hesitate to ask. free is NICEEEEE!!

  3. ah love all of these things!!! especially the walking :)

  4. You know, I live like 10 minutes aways from a winery and I've never been to one! And I'm not a huge baseball fan but the minor league springfield has is fun to watch!

  5. I feel like the only St. Louisan that doesn't get excited for baseball season. I'll blame that on being a transplant.

  6. LOVE going to wineries! I also love grilling and enjoying eating (and drinking) out on the patio!

    P.S. I tagged you in my post today ;)

  7. SO glad you are linking up! You have lots of time to get in the time! Oh yeah and I looooove baseball season - hello hot guys in baseball pants!

  8. No! No I am ignoring that you are a Cards fan! The rest of your list, I can get behind!

  9. I am outdoorsy (aka-like to drink on decks) too! It is the perfect summer activity!
    I may have to hop on this 30 in 30 challenge too! Sounds like great motivation to work out


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