Thursday, April 4, 2013

Silk Suit, Black Tie

The best thing about thursday..
the fact that tomorrow is friday :)
I am heading out to sub for kindergarten today..god please give me patience.
They are so adorable, but good lord kindergarten is exhausting.
completely utterly exhausting.
Thank goodness I am having a quiet movie night with my friend leah tonight.

So last night I finally got caught up on RHOA!
girrrrrl. kenya moore be cray cray.
and a dumb bitch.
I am still obsessed with NeNe & Phaedra, those gals crack me up!

 I cannot wait for the reunion...going to be spicccaaay!

oh and duhhh I watched Duck Dynasty, Hilar as always!
I swear I didn't just sit around & eat bonbons and watch reality TV all day.
i did apps and cleaned my room..aka put away all the laundry I did at home last weekend!

Speaking of bonbons....
What exactly are they? I am too lazy to google it.
Man Friend & I were talking about it on tuesday and i said I always pictured
them as malt balls. like a hard round ball chocolate candy.
he said he pictures a snack cake a la a hostess ho-ho.
he is wrong obvi
but does any anyone know what they are?? or what did you picture when you heard
someone talk about the
elusive bon bon.

so before i head out I wanted to show ya what i have been wearing..
excited? I can tell. 
I have been trying to be more attractive
these days..aka sweats & messy bun only 3-4 days a week.
i will never like button pants. ever.
work in progress in progress...

here are some looks a la sarah--

 i wore this a few weeks ago. Actually on my first date with
man friend.

subbing...sassy with animal print, i think so.

handing out resumes in this little number. awkward.
obvi. i do not know what to with my face in the mirror.

okay this isn't an 'attractive outfit'
but UHH love those nike slides. I have such
teensy feet, i got them in the kids department for
22 bucks less than the adult version.

 Opening Day! GO CARDS!!
plaid sperrys, CHECK.

well see..i do try to look semi fab.
fashion blogger, i still will never be.

mmkay, i am outta here babes.
only a few hours until it's happy hour.
we can make it.    

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  1. I still need to get caught up on all my RH this week! I'm behind and my DVR is calling my name.

  2. girllll you are the cutest freaking thing ever!!! Love all your outfits! :) I don't know what to do w/ my face when taking selfies either :)

  3. Oh is the MOST exhausting grade EVER! I was ready to pull my hair out after subbing a day AND I had a kiddo pull the fire alarm! AHHH! I hope your day goes well!


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