Friday, April 5, 2013

Pits, Peaks & Polka Dots

put on your party panties and DANCEEE!
we made it through another week!
YAHOOO! I am subbing all day.
 I was suppose to be only half day..but got called in for a full day
Who has a VS 10 dolla off card.
this girrrrl.
 & we all know that dolla makes this ginger holla.
and I wanted to spend it this afternoon...i guess I will work instead.
So today i am breaking SO many blogging rules & doing two link ups
in one post.
sue me.
my blog, my rules.
I am so in love with both of these link ups i just had to do both!
first off is my Friday Francies!
polka dots is the theme and I getting more & more obsessed with polka dots
for spring by the second. 
here's a few diddys i put together?
Polka Dot

 I need more polka dots in my life.

secondly, i am linking up with Allie & Brin
for Pit & Peak.
Pit-Worst Part of the Week
Peak- Best Part of the Week
and yes I am vlogging again.

i am so effing awkward. I made this after subbing yesterday so
just ignore my appearance, I promise i am better looking than that...
well every once in a while..

but seriously WTF is wrong with my eyebrows?
they are all over the place.

Hope your friday is great and that your weather is as good as mine today!!
make it til closing time & get a drink in your hand.
a straw-ba-rita is calling my name..

oooh I am doing this too..
I Don't Go to the Gym Blog Hop
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  1. I love polka dots!!
    I have my party pants on!! Let's do this love!

  2. Baseball means we're getting closer to summer, right? Have a great weekend!

  3. I love that polka dot dress x

    mac lipstick giveaway


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