Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Oh How Pinteresting!

Happy Hump Day!
How is it already wednesday??
This week is FLYING by!!
I am so fine with it because i have fun plans this weekend & i'd like them to hurry & get here!!\

anyways I am not subbing today so will be spending my time
filling out applications
hmmm still praying for that job offer..

But before I start on that I am linking up with the pretty Michelle
for oh how pinteresting!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Happy Wednesday!
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  1. How amazingly awesome would it be to have a bar in Walmart?! With Walmart prices perhaps? Maybe I'd actually not be afraid to go in there :-P

  2. There can only be one Justin! haha hilarious!

  3. hahahah I love the Walmart one. SOOO true. Maybe then I'd actually be able to stand going to that store!

  4. That black and white picture is gorgeous! And AMEN to no pants. It's the best.

  5. If Walmart had a bar it would be much more bearable!

  6. No pants really are the best pants!

  7. Yes, only one Justin. And I prefer it not to be the biebs

  8. a bar inside walmart would be ridiculously funny! and JT rules all, love him!

  9. i saw the walmart one last night on instagram and totally liked it. i'd totally go more. i'd be laughing the whole damn time.


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