Tuesday, April 16, 2013

five truths

Good Morning!!

So last week the fabulous Kate tagged me in the
latest trend going around..

Five Truths.

So I am suppose to share five truths about myself.
Are ya ready kids?

I have not grown since sophomore year of high school. I peaked a staggering
5'1 as a 15 year old. I have always, always ALWAYS been the smallest person in my classes.
In elementary school i was always on the bottom row during pictures
i always had to sit in front because I couldn't see over the taller kids
and now..today?
Most of the 5th graders i teach are taller than me.

I have to sleep with some type of noise. Either the TV
or a radio, preferably a TV. The dark still scares me.
It's even worse that i live alone on ground level, one little noise & i jump out of  bed!

certain words just make me wanna vom.
they actually kinda my gag reflex go into full force!
these include but are not limited to--
seepage, crust, gunk, phlegm, and cream.

i really love daises. Don't get me wrong, roses are gorgeous.
but if someone brings me daises, they pretty much have my heart.
They are beautiful and make me smile.
i'd take daises over any flower any day!!

I cannot go a day without chocolate. I have tried.
it sucks. I am not eating tons & tons of chocolate
but just a little piece to get through my day..
yeah it happens.  

alrighty now I am suppose to tag people.

your turn pretties!!

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  1. Those words make me vomit too. ugh. gross. yucky!!!

  2. When I am home alone at night I have to have lights on too!!

    The word cream is the worst!!! Daises are my fave too...I even had a gerber daisy tattoo!

  3. Haha chocolate DOES understand! I can't sleep if I'm not in the city. I have the trains out my window, cars, car alarms, fire trucks etc. In the suburbs/country, I'm terrified and up all night.

  4. I think I stopped growing around then too. I've always been pretty small. I was always the baby kitten in our elementary recess playing because I was the smallest. Roses aren't my thing either. I love calla lilies and peonies.

  5. chocolate and ice cream cures all.

    I think we need to be best friends.
    I love that your students are taller then you :)

    so great!!

  6. one of my vomit words is def. moist. yuckkkkkkkk.


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