Wednesday, March 13, 2013

what i am lovin'

Hi there lovies!
So hump day is here and that means two days til the weeeekend :)
I AM SO ready for this weekend!
  Lots of fun things going on!!
So i am heading back to springfield today! I had nice 5 day break
with momma & dad and of course my fab blate!
But I am ready to head back to springfield and do some much needed
deep cleaning & organizing around apartment a la Sarah.
Before I head out though I wanted to share some things that i am really diggin these

Chelsea Handler. I do not care what anyone says but this girl is FUNNNNY!
I have been a fan of her show 'chelsea lately' forever and I love her books!
I haven't read the latest one that has come out though! I literally sit in my 
apartment...alone...and laugh out loud at her show!! I cannot help it. she is so damn 
sarcastic & just hi-larious.
Source: via Brennan on Pinterest

this nail polish. I was creeping  looking around my mom's bathroom
for some Q-tips and i found this polish in her drawer.
Sally Hansen's Inst-Dry. When it says insta-dry it means it!!
It dried SOO quickly! I only did two coats & it looks fab. I really liked the wide brush
because i basically only needed to swipe once because the brush covered my whole

Saint Patty's Day is right around the corner! As any self respecting ging,
i love this holiday!!

I cannot wait to green up & hit the town with my fab
ladies! Downtown springfield is having a pub crawl
and this girl will be participating!! My fave bar in springfield is this little pub
and it is the PRIMO spot for St. Pattys Day celebrations!!
NOTE- if one person refers to me as a leprechaun, I will go
ape shit. 
I get it-- i am small & have red hair, leave me the eff alone.

youtube vids
this video! This girl is amazing. I am not even being biased
because I love disney movies. Seriously, please watch this.

I cannot even get over it

and this one.
well because it's hilarious

him obviously.

that's a given though.
gosh he is fiiiine.

What are you loving these days?
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  1. I'm loving you today! haha. Also, St. Patty's day is fab, but I'll be at a wedding this weekend. Sigh.

  2. I bet you're one cute little ging dressed up in green celebrating St. Pat's! That's just gonna make me adore you even more :)

  3. Stopping by from Steph's blog!

    I like Chelsea Handler's books better than her show. I have literally almost wet my pants reading them.

  4. new follower here.. found you through Stephanie. Chelsea Handler is hysterical, that video of Jimmy Fallon and JT is hilarious, and Luke Bryan is always smokin! (side note: JT has been on Jimmy's show all week, in case you didn't already know)

  5. Visiting from Stephanie's blog!

    That polish is so pretty. I'm going to have to pick it up. And the drinking for St. Patricks sounds amazing! Have fun! Annnd I just started getting back into country. I love me some Luke Bryan :)

  6. Mmmm Luke. Mmmmm. My brain stops working when I see him.


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