Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Monday is here yet again..
and oh wait..yep we have snow.
more freakin snow.
pssssh. I hate that effing groundhog who said spring was around the corner.
what a tease.
and a liar.
both i hate.
*i should probably stop bitching because my parents got 13+ inches in STL*

how was your weekend? 

Mine was pretty much a combo of all three.

Friday was spent working on applications during the day since school was canceled.
I made puppy chow. OMG. it is so delish. I could gain 3215613 pounds
from it alone. I used this recipe. Easy Peasy. It is literally all i can do not to make
another batch.

Then Friday night I had a date. Yes friends, a date.
This is our second one but i am not ready to talk about him just yet because it
is so new. I will say that he is very sweet & a complete gentleman.

 OOTN- cardi//NY&CO Boots//Rue21

Saturday I woke up bright & early and cleaned my apartment.
aka cleaned up the clutter from this week. Then i braved the chilly weather
& went shopping. GOOD FREAKIN LORD
the mall was a mad house! Now let me explain to you
that it was spitting snow & rain and i still parked at the very end of the lot
and it was packed with fanny pack wearing wild ass un-ruley children
and men carrying their lady's bags. too much for me.
it is cold & wet...stay the eff at home & let me shop in peace.
...DO NOT even get me started on kiosk people trying to put lotion on my hands.
I only made it to yankee candle. and let me tell ya..
i cleared out.
They were selling their waxes ( like scentsy)
for ONE DOLLAR each.
one dolla..

Then of course I picked up a ceramic votive holders..and some votives.
i am so weird about my apartment smelling good & i always am paranoid it doesn't.
Then i got the effing hell out of there.
But my itch to shop was not over so I headed over to gordmans & got a
few home goods. #retailtherapy
Saturday evening...good lord.
Akpsi (an organization i was in during college)
had an event for the new members & of course I had to attend.

 OOTN Jacket//F21 Boots//Steve Madden

There was LOTS of dancing & a vodka cran or two.
Let's just say yesterday morning...i was paying for it. But it was worth it.
I love my friends & it is so nice to be out with them.
not to mention they are crazy.

Sunday as always was a lazy. It snowed/spit rain most of the day so i stayed in
and made yummy comfort foods--- chicken noodle soup & pasta with red sauce.
Then I basically watched a lot of Roseanne & Remember the Titans.
lazy & perfect.

Source: via Lucy on Pinterest

Hope your weekend was swell.
oh and in case you missed it...
this happened on friday.
I am awkward...

now go get down with your bad self & link up
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  1. snow = YUCK
    date night = YAY!

    :) Happy Monday...sorta.

  2. 2nd date --- HOLLA! I definitely had an extreme lazy day yesterday too!

  3. Sounds like the perfect kind of weekend!!!

    I had a lazy sunday / spring cleaning day yesterday that I feel pretty good about but no matter how much I clean I feel like I still can't get everything done! Lol!

  4. Ooooh can't wait to hear about the date :) Puppy chow?? Yum, I want some! You are too cute! Boo to snow!!

  5. a new follower! can't wait to hear about the date!!

    love puppy chow. and I am stuck in the snow too, al I want is spring!!

  6. I wanna know more about the dateeeeeee! YEEEEEEE :)

  7. Eeeek so happy bout your date!!!!

    Soooo sick of this damn snow!

  8. K that puppy chow looks DELICIOUS. Like, I want it, now.


  9. Booooo to the snow, I can't even imagine how frustrating that would be. It's spring! Hello mother nature! Wake up and do some work! :-P

    That puppy chow looks delish!

  10. Yay for second date! Wish you the best in that department!

    Boo on snow, trust me I feel you! KC got hit with snow Friday and Saturday ugh! I'm so over this winter! Mother Nature and Old Man winter need to hook up and start dating so they could leave us alone!!

  11. I can't eat puppy chow because it looks like puppy chow.

    Hurrah for a good second date!

  12. Love your Saturday night outfit! Too cute! And a second date?! GOOD FOR YOU!! So excited to hear more! Have a great week! Oh & you are not alone! DONE WITH WINTER! Seriously, it needs to go! :)

  13. i love puppy chow! once I make it I cannot stop eating it!

    so happy for your 2nd date girl :)

  14. Love me some puppy chow. Hate winter in general, i feel your pain. Shout out from KC!!

  15. LOVE puppy chow. It was my signature dish in high school - so easy and addicting. And lazy Sundays are the best.

  16. I want that puppy chow sooooo bad right now!

    Newest follower and fellow teacher friend! :)


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