Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

So I am sorry this is coming to you so late! Springfield was hit was a massive
thunder storm yesterday, and i haven't had internet since saturday night..
thus i was unable to write a post all about my weekend!
BUT LET ME TELL YA it was a gooood one :)

Friday was GORGEOUS! I am talking almost 80 degree weather!!
I did TOO much shopping.. i balanced my checkbook & realized I had 300 more
bucks than i thought i HOLLA.

 OOTD for running around town. I was channeling my inner hippie.

Then Friday night, was gorgeous as well so Jess & I went downtown
for just a patio beer  & fried pickles.
HAHA well we wanted to appetizers but since i can't have cheese...FML
that narrowed it down to fried pickles.
 Friday OOTN- NEW SHIRT :) Body Central

Saturday was AMAZING weather too! I did a few errands, tanned & got
my pub crawl wristband. Then there was harry potter watching & finally
getting ready for pub crawl! I went with two girls i used to work with
Hannah & Leree and Hannah's boyfriend Cory! IT WAS A BLASTY BLAST!
Green beer, beads, whiskey, GREEN GREEN GREEN :)

Sunday is stormed ALL DAY! No internet..So i laid around and watched
tv..aka Golden Girls marathon & Duck Dynasty. I did make it to Jessica's
for chinese food & helping her with student teaching stuff.

NOW i am here. Monday Morning & it's not even 40 degrees.
bleeeh. I am getting ready to head out to get my last letter of recommendation
and then begins the never ending applications!
please pray for me.

***btw i KNOW THERE IS crayyyy crazyyyy business about google reader. I use my
dashboard, so i dno the big deal BUT many of you guys have already followed
me via bloglovin, if you haven't yet click the button down over there ---> ***


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  1. sounds like a fab weekend minus the storms and no internet. friday was fab weather here, but saturday was cold & kind of rainy. sunday sleet/snow/rain. ugh!

  2. Love the green. And all your outfits, you're adorable. Golden Girls is my favorite show to watch marathons of!!

  3. what a fun weekend! lovin all the cute outfits!

  4. I also shopped it up this weekend. It was awesome! Not nice weather here though. I'm jealous!

  5. you just so damn cute. i want to put you in my that weird?
    well if it is...too bad I still wanna!

  6. $300 free dollars? SUPER jealous. Looks like you had an awesome weekend!

  7. all your outfits are so freaking cute!

  8. I spy some fun bracelets in your Saturday night outfit ;) Your weekend sounds like a blast and mine was so boring in comparison! I need to come hangout with you ;)

  9. Love the outfits!

  10. Did you guys have a huge ass hail storm too?!? That shit was crazy!


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