Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Another weekend has come & gone WAY too quickly.
I am subbing in the Early Childhood center today.
The wee ones are gonna be adorable & i cannot wait. I think I am with 4 year olds
today. AWW :)

Before I head out though, I am linking up with my girl Sami
for Weekend Shenanigans! She is one of my faves
and I hope you are linking up too :)
Now before I tell ya about my weekend let me admit something to you--

i literally took three pictures & honestly they are dumb.
I actually forgot my camera the whole weekend.


Friday I was pretty much a bum all day because girrrrl we all know
Thursday was rough on this lady. But I finally did get my life together and tidy-ed a bit around the 
apartment and cleaned out under my bathroom sink. Why do i need 5 nail clippers?
or 7 things of lotion? I am a hoarder.
 Then i met up with two of my lady friends who i used to work with.
We played a bit downtown a little but the weather was bad and the roads were awful
so we ended up and a friend's loft just hanging out.

Saturday was GORGEOUS!! The weather was a bit chilly but the sun was out
and it looked like spring :) I got up and made a fab breakfast burrito.
That is my new thing these days... of course since I gave up cheese for Lent
they are not the bomb[dot]com but they are pretty delish. I finally found some turkey
bacon i like so I have been experimenting a bit. Then I headed out to Branson.

 OOTD- Top: forever21 Cardi: Cato

Now Branson is only about 35 minutes from me and my good friend Lindsey lives there
and we spent the day together. We She steamed her carpets then we went shopping. I
got a cutsie little shirt from TJ Maxx & made it all the way through Target without purchasing  ANYTHING.
i am growing. I know.
Then we got amazing mexican food, again sans cheese FML.
but it was SO GOOD & then of course we had to watch Pitch Perfect. I am obsessed.
end of story.
After pulling ourselves off the couch and out of sweats
we made it to a local sports bar. We had a few brews and mostly...people watched.
You think locals in springfield are...uncomfortably insanse Branson locals are
good lord.

Sunday was filled with laying on the couch. I am getting sicky pants. My nose is all stuffy
and i cannot breathe. It is not fun. I watched ALOT of Amish Mafia. HOWWW do i get sucked in?
 lovin' the mafia, wow i cannot believe I am posting this.
real life,  i am pretty

Someone please tell me how these STUPID shows get me hooked?
I made a little Spicy Turkey Rice Bowl & settled in for a night of Bravo.
 it kinda looks gross, but it is really good!

oh and girlfran had to have some chocolate. I gave up cheese but I will not,
i repeat WILL NOT give up my chocolate.
chocolate covered bananas& grapes :)

Life is good guys and I am feeling so blessed that i have an amazing support
system with you guys! Some days are hard, I won't lie but those days are becoming
fewer and fewer. I was surrounded by amazing friends this weekend and I am feeling good.
I am still a work in progress trying being to be strong but it is getting better.


PS i was introduced to these guys' music this weekend.
have you heard of them?? If not, just browse some of their vids

they are amazing!!

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  1. I heart you! And now I want some chocolate covered bananas and grapes. That looks delish!!!

  2. I love a night filled with Bravo, sounds like a great weekend to me!

  3. yummy, chocolate covered bananas and grapes! Gotta try that!

  4. Fun weekend! I love cudding up and watching some bravo!!


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