Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans & a BLATE :)

I am loving this monday because this is the beginning of my WHOLE week
off for Spring Break! I sitting at home in Saint Louis
at my parents' house enjoying my time off.
it is SO nice to be at home with my parents for more than a weekend!

Anyways this was a pretty fab weekend!!
I am linking up with my lady Sami
to share all my fun.

Friday I subbed in the afternoon for a fourth grade class. NOW let's just
say it was a friday, in the afternoon the day before spring break...let that sink in for a second
23 nine year olds...and it was party day! Thank God parents came in
and pretty much did the whole party. As the mom's were setting up i noticed a
certain cup arrangement on the side table
and when I asked she said...
"don't judge me but I was playing beer pong the other
night & thought of this..."
they set up solo cups in a beer pong formation & filled the cups with candy. the kiddos
then threw the ball & when they made into a cup they got to keep that candy!

they are getting ready for college early! BAHA loved this mom!
after the candy pong shenanigans I drove the 3.5 lovely hours back to STL
and walked into one of my fave meals cooked by my mom waiting on the table.
I spent the evening on the couch. 

Saturday I was up & at em'. It was raining..gah. But i did get to wear my cutise
rainboots. they are not hunter boots...just target brand...but they do the job!

Me & the parents went to the farmers market in soulard...its downtown STL.
I am obsessed with this place. They have venders galore with produce on produce
and they have meats and tons and tons of other stuff. If you ever come to STL
i would recommend going. I really enjoyed it.

OOTD- Shirt//unknown (i got it while working at platos)

Fresh made MINI doughnuts :) They made them right in 
front of you. YUMO.

Then mom & I did some resale shopping. I got a little shirt & a candle stick.
oooh and these FAB Wedges & children books to use in my classroom.
saturday night was my VERY FIRST BLATE :)
bloggers + date= blate
I met up with Cassie, Steph, & Katie!

OOTN- Blazer &bangles//Charlotte Russe Wedges//Target

Now I have followed Cassie & Steph forever. They are two of my most favorite bloggers.
I had never heard of Katie's blog before but Cassie brought her along & I am so glad she did!
They were amazing and drove ALL the way out to St. Charles and we ate at 
this little irish pub and had a few adult bevvys & wonderful conversation!
I am so glad we met up! They are pretty fabulous :)
I stole these pictures from the ladies!

I have a LOT of hair...

The girls :)

I cannot wait to have another meet up NEXT time i am in town!!

Sunday it rained all day & was quite gloomy gloom gloom. Since
the weather was yucky & we lost an hour of sleep I just laid around
and watched tv. I am not even ashamed I did get out of my pjs.
It was lovely.
I literally have so much hair..

Well that was my weekend & it was one of the best ones in a while!
How was yours?? Are you linking up with Sami?  She is pretty DANG fabulous
so get on over & do it :)

**note** i made a new email address specifically for le blog. I added to my contact page. I am still trying to make sure all the bases are covered here..because well we all know i am SO not tech savvy. just thought you should know..

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  1. yay! love this - you are SO cute. on here AND in real life. xoxo

  2. kids playing candy pong?! that is TOO funny! I want to sub in a classroom like that! haha. & I'm so jealous.. it seems like everyone was having blates this weekend! glad y'all had fun :)

  3. hahaha candy pong?! and yay for blates!
    Helene in Between

  4. that's a lot of hairrrrr!!! hahaha
    soooo glad we hung out!
    I'm seriously trying to get to Springfield next month!!!

    I'll tell you about my date as soon as I leave tomorrow. Not kidding.

    heart you!

  5. The candy pong story is the greatest story ever. It's so cool that you got to meet up with fellow bloggers!

  6. What a fun blate! Ya'll are so cute! I love your big hair and leopard wedges :)

  7. jealous of your blate!!!!! and those donuts! :) yummmmmmmmmmers!

    I didn't do much on Sunday either - it's OK!

  8. What a fun weekend! Enjoy all the home cooked meals this week! :) I love Farmer's Markets, too! Can't wait for the summer so that we can go to some!

  9. CANDY PONG! I would totally teach my kid that, they'd be unbeatable in college!!


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