Thursday, March 21, 2013

Things I don't love.

Hi pretty friends!
So did you know tomorrow is friday?!
yeah i like that shiz.
anyways I am subbing today for some fabulous first graders
and i just cannot wait to see their shining faces!

Did everyone watch duck dynasty last night???
I watched the re run version at like eleven.
i am obsessed.
but i feel like this isn't trashy reality tv so it is more acceptable to be obsessed with.

Source: via Marion on Pinterest

speaking of reality tv, i am over at another reality tv addicts
blog today! She is one of my loves & we have SOO much in common.
She is a babe

 so last week i told you some things i was loving
lately. but today i want to share with you some things that i am SO NOT 

1. Lindsay Lohan not going to jail. WTF. HOW IS SHE GETTING OFF
with no jail time again?? They need to treat her little ass just like anyone
else & make her serve her time. Guess why she acts the way she does?
because there are no consequences for her actions..except rehab. HAVE YOU
SEEN THE REHAB FACILITIES?? They are like vacations.
bitch needs to be in jail.
I wonder how amber portwood feels about this? Girlfriend got 5 years
in jail for two or three offenses and LiLoh has had 548725 offenses
and walks  crashes her car drunkenly free.
I guess teen mom isn't high enough celebrity to get a
'get out of jail free card'

2. this effing weather. it is going to snow today.
i am SOOOOOOO over snow. and cold weather.
where is spring time? I have 8000 flip flops & my little piggies are ready to breathe!
GTFO winter. See ya never.

3. People not washing their hands after they go potty.
yah i said potty, i teach kids...
anyways, i was out to dinner last night & was in the bathroom and TWO
yes count them ONE.TWO ladies walked in, peed, flushedand walked out!!!
 No washing, no nothing. SICK.

first of all you are gross ma'am. secondly not only did you go to the bathroom
and not wash your hands BUT  it was public bathroom. 
sickos. yeah i judged you!

so yes those are few things that are really grinding my gears as of lately!
Anything you are not diggigng??
tell me all about it!

PS tomorrow is friday.
we can make it ladies! we can make it!

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  1. ewww. there is this girl I work with who NEVER washes her hands. EVER. Gross. disgusting. ugh!

  2. Found you through Lindsey's blog! :)

  3. Women are so gross in public bathrooms, I swear. Filthy filthy filthy!

    Amber got five years? No F'ing way. Wow.

  4. i really need to jump on this duck dynasty badwagoon and for the Lindsey Lolan thing... is really just s joke.. I cant handle her and her life anymore! It all went down hill from Mean Girls. yeah def agreed that chick needs a one way ticket to a jail cell!

    Followingg you now!

  5. This weather does suck! Although it's not snowing in TN, it's still cold! Last weekend, it was 70.... today 42. My piggies wanna breathe too!! :)

  6. Duck Dynasty is ahh-mazing!! that sign is perfect! and I completely agree with the things you don't love.

  7. Duck Dynasty is probably one of the best shows. I love them!
    And I could not agree with you more about, really?!
    She should have been in jail a few years ago. Lock. her. down.

  8. I watched Duck Dynasty! It's so ridiculous, but so hilarious. I can't NOT watch it!

  9. Hello I was brought to your blog by Life on Countryside! I think I will be here for the long run. :)
    You had me @ Duck Dynasty & Big bang theory also hey you're from Mizzou!! I live in KC it's been home for 10 years now. Any who yes I agree Lindsay should be locked up and the key should be thrown away. People not washing their hands after using any restroom is disgusting!

  10. Yeah the LiLo thing pisses me off too, girl is going to end up hitting rock bottom even more at some point since she never has any consequences.

    P.S. I say potty too! I always ask my dog if she has to go potty and she gets right up and runs to the door. Aaaaand just to play devil's advocate, maybe those ladies were using hand sanitizer when they sat back down at their table. I find washing your hands in the ladies room to just end up touching the door handles on your way out counter-productive. Let's hope that's what was going on :-P

  11. Ugh, it's snowing over right now. Not impressed.

    As for the not washing hands thing? I totttallly agree. I actually posted a picture on my blog about that last Wednesday. Someone on my office floor needs to learn some proper hygiene. Gross!

  12. LiLo makes me crazy, I can't even read anything regarding her. She NEEDS jail.

  13. love duck dynasty! new follower! :) From your guest post doing a throwback thursday link up with me... anyway got lost in blog world and ended up here! :)


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