Friday, March 15, 2013

These are my confessions...

I channeling Usher today

(can we even just talk about sexy he is....JESUS!)
and sharing a few confessions with you today
I loveeee Miss Leslie so i am linking up
with her!

I confess..

..I am WAY too excited for St. Patty's Day! I am going out here in
a little bit to find something to wear.
Oh and i did a little friday fancy, as this week is all about this green holiday...

Lucky Lady FF

Simple, i know.

..that i have literally not worked out since monday... WTF?
oh and i had mcdonalds yesterday!
fml...but don't worry I already have my shit laid out for the gym today...hopping back on that

..I have ZERO dishes in my sink. is 70 degrees in springfield today & i am loving it WAY too much.

..I watched Harry Potter all night last night, SO not ashamed.

..that i still hate taylor swfit.

..that just beiber is about .5 seconds away from a full on celeb meltdown...i give it til june
for a rehab stint. Beibs, get it together.

 alrighty doll faces
hope your Friday is amazing & you are having the kind of weather I am!!


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  1. have a great weekend pretty girl!!

    i'm just LOVING this weather!!

  2. Beiber is in big trouble.. downhill for sure! Happy Friday pretty!

  3. I watch Harry Potter all the time. It's good for you.

  4. Poor Beibs. He really does need to get his act together. Usher on the other hand- is still MIGHTYYYY fine ;)

  5. I'm loving this weather today. Yummmmy Usher. xo

  6. Biebs is going down hard.. and I don't think there is such thing as being too excited for St Patrick's Day, it's the best!

  7. Usher is soo sexy! The biebs and all his shirtless pics need to go!

  8. It's ok to hate Taylor Swift. She isn't who she claims to be in my opinion.

  9. Oooooh goodness I loathe Taylor Swift too! So flingin' flangin' happy to hear someone else say that!

    Stopped by from Sami's Weekend Shenanigans and was pulled in by your blog title since I'm a fellow Harry Potter lover! Now following :)


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