Tuesday, March 5, 2013

that day I overslept.

This stuffy nose can kiss my ass.
i am over it. 
I should probably start wearing jackets outside, that is probably why
i am sick.
 I don't learn.

Okay moving on, let me just tell ya about my monday--
first of all I overslept, and by overslept I mean i woke up literally 3 minutes
before i was suppose TO LEAVE!! Now i cannot be late like some jobs.
yes I know being late at most jobs is frowned upon and you will get in troubles
but I am teacher. I HAVE TO BE THERE!! The kids are there at a certain time & i gotta be there.
to let them in and start their day...or they are just be-bopping in the hallway.
THANKKK GOD I had some wild hair to pack my lunch etc last night.
I did however not pick out my outfit and i had clothes all over my room.

I of course did not have breakfast. One thing to know about me, i efffing need to eat
especially breakfast.
and lunch.
and dinner. 

I did manage to post my blog post though..

So I went to school STARVING, a haphazard outfit, tried to put liquid eyeliner on
in the car...i bet you can imagine how that went. sick.
The kiddos were pretty good.
except for one.. he made me a picture & was so excited to give it to me..
then i had to get onto him about yelling inside & he didn't get to play this
game he wanted to and he got mad

is this a joke? I was actually really sad.
i basically got rejected by a four yr old.
no lie.

I got lost on my way home. How does this happen? I have subbed in this town for over a year!
Well I tried to be 'smart' and take what i thought was a 
back way to avoid traffic, i ended up i some other town
and took me another extra 30 minutes to get home. FML.
I didn't work out & i felt likes shit all night about it. i was starving and my feet were killing me.
I literally picked the worst shoes to wear for preschool subbing. I was cranky.
so i didn't go to the gym. bleeeeh. I know excuses. I will be back at it tonight though!
treadmill is calling my name.

I did watch The Bachelor...duh.
I live tweeted all about it.
do you follow me?-- @LittleRed809
go on then.

Let me just sum it up...
AshLee got WAYYYY too much air time. 
She is obnoxious. oh and she was abandoned. in case you were wondering...
girlfriend dyed her hair, but don't most girl go cray and change their appearance
after a breakup? She is so bitter & needs to get over it.
Kacie B didn't talk at all? Awk? and by Kaci B 
I mean 95 percent of the other girls on the stage.

Sarah always makes me cry. I feel like i am her sometimes..as far as guys
being total A HOLES to her/me ...and i have both my arms

Eyebrows was there. Someone wants to marry her...and I am alone.
she is still bat shit crazy.

I painted my toes & made cous cous for dinner with a little Tilapia. I was literally SO HUNGRY
I ate it in 10 minutes.
Didn't take a picture.  
I am an animal.

I would love a color called 'boom boom'
*note a few people asked abut my tattoo.
I only have one, and you can kinda see it in this picture
It is the breast cancer ribbon & I got it in may 2008 
for my cousin who passed away.*   

How was your monday?
I am subbing again today so i better get to it.
Happy Tuesday Beauties


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  1. Your story about work yesterday made me lol. Seriously. I mean, it sounds like a bad day, but still.

    Also, I need to eat...breakfast...snack...lunch...snack...dinner...oh wait...did I mention I LOVE TO EAT!

    Free buffet breakfast for this girl today! :)

  2. That is a ROUGH day! Waking up late is awful, it truly throws off everything else the entire day. At least you posted and watched the Bachelor though. Priorities.

  3. Mondays suck. Enough said. Hope today was better.

  4. Hope you've had a better week than how it started! Just think the week is half over! :) Friday will be here soon!

  5. Are you a full-time sub? I just started subbing in Salt Lake City when I moved here a month ago. I saw on your 25 by 25 list that you want your own classroom, are you a legit teacher and not an impostor like me?! lol

    Pretty Little Things


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