Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Random Wednesday

It's wednesday! woo..only a few days til friday
aka my fave day of the week!!

So yesterday was spent totally at my apartment..i literally did not leave!!
However, I was very productive!
Finished a job applications & got my cover letter all spiffy! 
I am going to be delivering my resume etc to a few schools today!
Wish me luck I start getting called for interviews..gah!

Then I made a fab crock pot dinner & banana bread.

Oh and of course I watched a little big bang theory..which means 2 hours
worth. I love it..anyone else??


OOoh and i painted my nails.
interesante? i mean i think so.
I got two opi packs for 7 bucks at tj maxx the other day.

girlfriend LOVES her deals!!

alrighty so i found this page a while back and it just has a list
of things, so incase you have a little bloggy brain fart, it can get those jucies
flowing and help ya write!

SOOOO today I am picking number 2.
Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

1. Ending up Alone. I have seen so many failed relationships during my life
and it scares me. I want to have someone to grow old with and to share my life with.
I like being around people & having someone to depend on me, and visa versa. I am very 
cautious in relationships and i hope one day to find that 'special someone'

2. Robbers. Oh yeah i was that little kid who never wanted to go to bed.
I was always afraid someone would break into my house and kill or rob us.
i am a psycho.
even to this day, i pretty much check every closet in my apartment  everytime
i come home && i have to sleep with some sort of noise (tv/radio) when i sleep!       

3. Butterflies. OKAY before you start laughing your head ass off,
let me explain why. I know deep down they cannot/will not hurt me.
I hate how erratic they are. They just bounce fly around
land on you etc etc and it just frightens me. I literally had a panic attack at the butterfly
house at the zoo when i was 13 or 14.
 im crazy.  judge away.

Now that you know my fears.
what are yours??

OH and we all know I LOVEEE big hair.
so to make your day a bit is what I look like after teasing
my hurr BEFORE smoothing it out---


Have a fab hump day lovers!!

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  1. Your hair. In that last picture. OMG!

  2. Hilarious hair photo.

    I used to not be able to sleep at night thinking robbers were creeping up the stairs to take all of our stuff and kidnap me.

  3. You outfits are my favorite :) They're the only ones I can relate to! Those other bloggers are just lying!

  4. HOW DO YOU DO THAT????? I can never get my teasing to stay! Maybe I need to jack it like that?? But then how do you smooth it out so it doesn't look like a rat's nest? Lol I SUCK at teasing hair no matter how much volumizing root pumping hairspraying crap I put in it!

  5. I hate butterflies to!!!! They creep me out one landed on me once and I totally freaked.

    That hair pic is hilarious! I can't tease my hair I try and it's always a huge fat fail!

  6. Your last picture had me lmao at work! I agree with Jessica, I can never get my hair to stay as much as I tease it just kinda sits there after a few minutes lol

  7. You should totally do a tutorial on how to tease your hair. I love it!!

  8. haha, that last picture is so funny. I hear ya on the robbers. Mine is both robbers and a fire. I always have an escape route and where I would hide if a robber came into my house. I won't even tell you about my fear of this small little animal that couldn't harm you at all, I think it might be more weird then yours of butterflies...seriously.

    stopping by from Random Wednesday


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