Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Ramblings.


i know I am not the only excited one!
I actually have a four day weekend...
perk 456169 of being a teacher.
having the good friday & the day after easter off!!
I am going to be heading to STL tomorrow
to spend the weekend with my family & i am pretty excited!!
even if it will be a short one!

BUT tonight is my friend hannah's bday celebrations!
I went out with her for st. pattys day!
she is a hoot & a half!! I cannot wait to celebrate with her..and knowing her
 things are bound to get crazy.

last time...

I didn't get off the couch til one pm.

pray for this old lady that she can keep up with those young & free 22 year olds!
god help me.

I actually might be bringing out the new man friend this evening
to meet a few of my friends... we shall see.
this happened the other night
:) No one has ever brought me flowers before..
it was nice.

Last night I was over at my friend leah's place & we watching the 5 year engagement.
HILARIOUS!! I am so in love with emily blunt, i actually cannot stand it.
I am sure everyone else has seen it because I am always behind the times on
movies etc. But if you haven't go see it.

So anyways is anyone else sad RHOBH is over??
I know Lindsey is. But we all know that both her her & I need reality tv rehab.
like yesterday.
But i am sad. I love that city. AND am i the only one
who doesn't hate adrienne? I mean i am over her & don't care she is off the show
but i don't hate her.
 or faye?
everyone all over twitter and...well yeah thats about it
hate them. I think we should focus on the fact that brandi is the devil

 i cannot effing stand her.

i do like her gifs though ;)

But orange country will be back and that will make all right
with the world again.
 I need to sort out my priorities.

I really need to be working on apps but it is so rainey here
i just want to lay on the couch... or go shopping.
ya know like i have money or something?

Buy for me?

soo this post is going
everything was a freakin ramble...i apologize.
have a fab friday.
and an even better weekend lovers.

see ya on the flip side.

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  1. awwwww - what a good "new" man friend. lol. yay for you!!

    ps - only a few more days until you can eat CHEESE!!

  2. Prettttyyyy flowers!!!!

    Have a fab weekend, love!

  3. Just stumbled across your blog and I am also a teacher and I am SOO jealous that you get the day after Easter off as well... We only get today off (Good Friday!)

    Love the flowers!

  4. Happy long weekend! Since when do teachers get the day after Easter off too?! Sigh... I definitely picked the wrong profession. I remember always complaining about going back to school the day after Easter.

    And you are definitely not the only one who is sad RHBH is over. I feel like RHOC coming back is my rehab from it. I only watch BH, OC, and the trainwreck that is NJ so I'm glad that they're all spaced a part perfectly so I can obsess one at a time :-P


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