Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Evidently I live in yoga pants now.

well it's all laziness & bummin around these parts.
I actually did not leave my parents house ONE TIME yesterday.
I have worn yoga pants for two days IN A ROW.
the same ones...yeah...
but hey i did finally shower yesterday..points for sarah...
wtf is wrong with me? Spring Break is making me a lazy ass...
I DID WORK OUT THOUGH! It was too cold & I didn't want to bundle up & drive 
to the gym. #lazy
 but i dusted off the old workout board & did a few workouts
i found on there...

Source: twitter.com via Sarah on Pinterest

These are the two I did yesterday! Now I know what you are thinking,
SARAH, stop being a heffer and go to the gym. BUT these workouts
are INTENSE! They do not look it, but i was sweating & out of breath.
OH lord my abs are feeling it today!! One cough & I am cringing.

Anywhoooos last night was of course the final ep of The Bachelor.
First of all, I am sad it's over. 
who gets sad over an over the top dramatic reality dating show?
this girl. 
What am i suppose to obsess over or live tweet about on Mondays???

But let's talk about it--

Catherine won.
Big TV wedding. blah blah blah...
i doubt they even make it to aisle..
BUT IN OTHER NEWS... my girrrrl DES is the next bachelorette!
HELL YES! love her & her side bang! I have never watched a season of the bachelorette.
mostly because the girl drama always seems more interesting than dude trying to be 'smooth'
but i will obvi be tuning in this time!
you go glen coco des, YOU GO!

and yeah, so ends another season of the bachelor.
moral of the season- don't lose your sparkle

Also I have been nominated again for a Leibster Award!
 I feel so proud & thankful when i get nominated
for anything, especially anything by a blogger!
This time I was nominated by ametis Now I only just recently found this lovely lady!
She has a fab blog and girlfriend can put together an outfit
that ANYONE would love pin to their fashion boards!

Here are the questions she posed to her nominees---

1. When & why did you decide to start blogging? I started blogging last summer because I was moving back in with my parents-cue post college blues- and i just wanted something to do. It has since grown into something so much more & has followed me as i moved out & back to Springfield. I am so grateful i have had this blog over the past few months because of the support that i have found with you lovely ladies :)
2. Where is the next place you'd like to travel to? I would love to travel around New England. There is so much to see & do up there!

3. What's your #1 favorite accessory in your closet? Scarves. I wear them..oh 3-4 days a week!
4. What's your #1 favorite clothing item in your closet? Is it terrible if I say leggings??
5. Cat or dog person? I'd say probably dogs, but I like cats too!
6. What's your favorite TV show? Of All time?? Friends.

7. Favorite song of all times? Geez, I could never pick..but currently I am LOVING Pirate Flag by Kenny Chesney! **I get to see him in 3 months & 3 days!**
8. What's a goal you wish to accomplish? Get a full time teaching position!
9. Makeup or hair? Make Up
10. If you went (or currently are) to college, why did you decide to go where you did? I went to Missouri State and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education
11. What is the biggest characteristic you look for in a potential significant other? Compassion. I want a man who can put himself in other peoples' shoes & had a giving heart.

Well here is to today being less lazy & sarah actually making it to the treadmill.
i will be a skinny bitch.

*put down the french fry and pick up a carrot.*

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  1. oh hey...I love yoga pants. I can't get upstairs to my closet fast enough after work to get into anything but my work clothes. I stopped and thought about this process last night after work...and I busted out laughing. because REALLY it's the first thing I do.

  2. Well you accomplished more than I did yesterday, that's for sure. That ab workout looks hard!
    Also, I get sad when shows end. Not the bachelor per se, but series. Like Dawson's Creek, Gilmore Girls, Felicity. Even when I re-watch them and know that they're going to end and how, I STILL get sad. Like a crazy person.

  3. I really need to invest in multiple pairs of yoga pants. Seriously.

  4. Sarah, yoga pants are the BEST invention on earth. I definitely wore them to work yesterday. Hello #CaseOfTheMondays :) Also, I didn't realize you went to Missouri State! My Big went there for a year before she transferred to OSU (as in Oklahoma, not Ohio!). Small world! And also, leggings are totes my favorite too.

  5. fun post - and you don't need to go to the gym to get in a good workout at all, so good for you!!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  6. I've eaten so bad today that I feel like a slug lol xx

    ide love if you checked my blog! xx 1stepclosereveryday.blogspot.com

  7. Thank you for the kind words girlfriend ;)


  8. friends is my FAV! and that is my all-time fav episode too. my next fav episode is when ross wore leather pants and they shrunk LOLOLOL


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