Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Update, it's monday- what else?

Oh hello there monday.
didn't miss ya. at all.
however next week I cannot wait to see you because I have you off!! Being a teacher
has it's perks. Happy Presidents day!

Anyways how was your weekend? Mine was pretty fab!
too quick, but that is the obvious.

Friday I hung out with my friend Jessica & we ended up over at one of my other friend's
house for a few adult bevvys. It was a good time had by all.

Saturday there was a lot of laying around and watching bravo.
I am too old to play with young college kids. sad but true.
After i dragged my sorry tush off the couch I put away laundry and headed out to mall
to find a cutsie pootsie outfit to wear downtown. It was mardi gras pubcrawl
in good ole springfield and we were hitting the town!

Of course it was freeeezing and i bought a summer dress, but hey gotta look good.
After inhaling  a little chinese food we got ready & hit the town!
It was too cold and drizzling but we danced & danced! My friends are really
way too pretty.


Sunday there was even more laying down & cursing all the sangria I drank guzzled.
My friend Lindsey did come over & we watched Pitch Perfect, I had never seen it
let's just say i am OBSESSED. end of story.

I am ready for this week to start.. mostly because the bachelor is on tonight :)
another week of sexy pants sean & another week of crazy pants tierra.

have a great monday pretties!

PS UHHH I am almost to  100 followers. WHAT? and once I hit 100 I will be doing 
my very first giveaway! I am pretty excited!
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  1. I'm pretty sad I won't be there next weekend because then our Monday posts would be about each other. Sigh.

  2. your weekend sounded similar to mine. shopping. asian food. couch. movies. laundry. jealous of everything else fun you did, while I mostly stayed dormant on the couch!

  3. I'm apparently one of the few who have yet to see Pitch Pefect. Better get on that!


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