Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Well good morning pretties :)
I am still in my sweats and sipping hot tea because this girl is off
ALL DAY! digging this monday!

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was actually pretty good!
I wished it would slow down, but I am already ready for the next one.
duh :)

 Miss Sami, who i adore
is starting her own fab NEW link up called Weekend Shenanigans!
I of course gotta support my girl!
Friday I subbed all day then came home & crashed. I mean this 
girl was in a coma took a 2 and half hour nap after work! But i got my life together
and made a little food & got ready to hit the town! 
okay 'hitting the town' is  bit of a stretch. I met a few friends downtown
and had a few beers. It was nice though being out with good friends :)

Saturday was FREEEEEEZING! SO COLD. (seeee ya winter GTFO)
but i did help my friend Jessica paint her dining room table & chairs.
I felt so handy. Tim the Tool Man has nothing on me.
Mexican was had. It was delish. 
Did i mention I gave up cheese for lent.
Now I am not catholic and I don't always give up things but i feel like cheese is a huge 
component in what is making me have cellulite. That shiz has gotta go.
So i gave it up. It sucks.
I am cranky & its been like 5 days.
but back to mexican din din...ya know how hard it is to find a mexican meal WITHOUT
cheese. impossible.  
But i loaded up on chip & salsa.. that probs isnt helping my get skinnnay mission.
Then I met up with a bunch of my most favorite ladies for a night out! I of course was too busy
having fun to take pictures. FAIIIIL. But Zac Brown Band was in town
so there were tons of cutsie pootsie country boys out & i didnt mind it at all ;)

Sunday was a bit lazy. I did make it out for a little shopping & mama scored
new Nike slides. 20 bucks!
 Of course they were from the kids department so they were much cheaper
than the real people sizes. I am not hating it. Small feet come in handy.
made a little dinner, yumo.
watched too much bravo & mob wives.
get me a life. PLEASE.


Well ladies Hope you enjoyed your weekend and i hope all of
you are either off or are looking forward to that vodka cran at 5pm.

Happy Presidents Day!

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  1. Anytime Mexican is involved it's a great weekend! I'm so impressed with you giving up cheese though, I could never! Thanks for linking up and being so sweet! You are the best :)xoxox

  2. luving you blog super cute! come say hey,
    TTYL :)

  3. Sounds like a fan weekend!

    I'm glad I still have tomorrow off work. Cause I am
    In sooooo much pain from the dentist today! Ugh

    Can't wait until I can finally come visit!

  4. Sounds like a great relaxing weekend! I had off today too and now I'm convinced that the workday should only be 4 days long!

  5. i had mexican this weekend, too! heck i basically have it every weekend. i also buy shoes from the kids department. i don't care. sometimes they have the same version of an adult shoe in the girls, so it's a win win. cheaper is always better.

    stop by from sami's blog.

  6. Ooh I'm in upstate NY and I agree...winter needs to be done. It's been in the 30s though this week and feels sooo warm!

    I sat and watched that Britney gif for far too long. LOL


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