Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Recap

Oh another weekend has come and gone.
too quick of course!
Oh hey, monday....didn't miss ya.
The only thing I am happy about is the bachelor is on mondays,
THE ONLY thing.

alrighty what would a monday be without a little weekend recap?
not a monday blog post that's fa sho.

Friday the ladies & I hit the town! It was great to be out with all my friends.
We met up at my friend toni's loft and played before downtown started calling our
names. Incase you were unsure,
 Friday was national margarita day.

Needless to say we participated...a lot. Lots of dancing & laughing.
we headed out to the local piano bar for a lovely girls night.
My fave way to spend a friday!

prom pose? haha

Saturday...well there was a lot of recovering. A lot of sleeping & watching bravo.
oh and a few advil & gatorades.

I did pull my life together enough to go tan. YES this ginger will be tan!
pale is SO not working on me anymore. Then saturday night I met up with some
girls I used to work with for sushi. YUMMM. We went to my fave place
and got lots of sushi. It was beyond good. We ended up back at my friend Jessika's
and played  a little Mad Gab. Wild, i knoow. 
I am not a champion mad gab case you were wondering.

OOTN- Big hair Don't care.

Sunday was filled with lounging, dishes and TLC. Pretty lame?
I am okay with it. I didn't even get outta my pjs. Do not care.

oh and i didn't watch a lot the Oscars. I popped in a few times, but I am just
not interested. I probs the only one.
however, i do love me some christopher plummer & daniel radcliffe.

I am getting ready to start applying for big girl jobs & i am scarrrred.
I want a full time teaching position SO BAD! Gah, I cannot even explain it.
So keep your fingers crossed i am able to find a teaching position for this next school year.
I swear I am going to be a good one.

How was your weekend??
tell me all about it & go link up with Miss Sami :)

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  1. oh hey there sister from a different mister. stop stealing my life! I think I need to move to you, because your friends and these girl nights look FAB.

    ALSO....High the hair - closer to Jesus.

    Also...I didn't watch the Oscar's either, it's OK.

    xoxo you twiney

  2. How cute are you? Love the leopard shirt and the big hair.. two of my favorite things :) I'm awards show obsessed and it's kind of bad haha. I'm legit depressed they are over! Thanks for linking up lovely!!

  3. look at you just living it up - i like it!!

  4. fun weekend! i celebrated margarita day one day late - on saturday haha. i only half watched the oscars - i didn't see most of the movies so i wasn't super into it. good luck on finding a j-o-b!! :)

  5. Haha I had a similar hangover experience after Saturday night. Worth it!
    I didn't watch the Oscars either, I actually never watch awards shows. I know everything that happened though, because of the constant twitter updates!

  6. cute cute cute outfit on saturday night.
    i was gonna celebrate national margarita day with my girlfriends but i got sickly and didn't getta participate. :( might haveta do my own celebration this week.

    hopping over from the blog hop.

  7. so fun!!! I am always so beat on fridays and never end up doing anything but it is so nice to relax after a long week! love your outfit! found you via sami's link up! :)
    - Pam

  8. Girl, your weekend sounds AWESOME! Filled with plenty of relaxation and fun, my kind of weekend!

    Love your outfit, too!

  9. 1. I love all your GIFs.
    2. I love that leopard blouse.
    3. I didn't watch the Oscars either.
    4. PJ day = win.
    5. Okay I'm done.

    Pretty Little Things


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