Monday, February 4, 2013

weekend recap!

Good afternoon my beauties!
I know, my post is late today but I got called in to sub this morning
thus not having time to write a post!
Literally I will never ever be a morning person. Days shouldn't start until 10am
point blank.

anywhoos onto the recap.
my weekend started a little early with a few bevvys on Thursday evening.
Friday was rough. Luckily I didn't sub so my day consisted of a whole lot of nothing.
oh did my evening. I was literally in bed by ten.

Saturday I was up bright & early..okay like 9am. But on a saturday, lets get real!
I cleaned my apartment (which is now an effing disaster!) and showered.
My friend lindsey came up from branson and we ran errands all afternoon
and then made a few pinterest recipes for this pot luck dinner we were going to.
NOTE: if it says 'skinny no-bake cookies' STAY THE EFFF away. They were sickening.
but we did make a fab dip got all prettied up and headed out!
We got together with a few teachers I graduated with for a potluck dinner & then
drinks & karaoke. (per usual!)
It was a grand time that resulted in me being a HUGE bum all sunday.

Sunday contrary to my post yesterday I did end up watching
the superbowl...almost 5 hours of it. good lord that power outage was RIDIC!
Now I am a football fan but that game sucked. The first half was a throwaway.
Then beyonce's performance was fab & he second half picked up a bit.
over all...lame game.

Here are few pics from karaoke-
 'reserved for sarah' signs
Megan and I
cass & I

Phew. Long, but fun weekend.
How was yours??

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    1. And I agree...days should not start until 10. Waking up at 5:30 for work is absurd...but I do it :(


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