Thursday, February 7, 2013

things I will never be

Good Morning!
I cannot believe it's already thursday, I am ready for the weekend.
aren't we always though? just one step closer to friday!

I am not subbing today but tomorrow I will be subbing all day for
precious little first graders! but after a full day of 6 year olds
this gal is going to need a beer. I mean let's be honest.
Tonight I am making mexican stuffed peppers for my friend
jessica & I. I might will make some margs, because hey who makes
mexican anything & doesn't have a margarita?
No one. thats who.

So yesterday one of my fave bloggers Holly posted about
things she will never be. It was so cute I just had to borrow it!
She is so sweet & of course let me. 

So a few thing I will never be--

i am sexay ginger, no? That IS something i can be.

-An athlete. I may get fit, but my coordination for anything other than pouring wine is ZERO.

- A Cubs fan. Or a Patriots fan for that matter

- 5'3 or taller

-A girl who can just spend money without thinking. I always over analyze
what i purchase

-A girl who just eats a side salad

-A lover of broccoli

-A girl who's hair holds a curl

- A red wine drinker, sweet white only please

- angry about boys in baseball pants

What are somethings you will never be?

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  1. I will never be...

    ...someone who gets enough sleep.

  2. Saw you are my newest follower, just wanted to say hi! :)
    Love the glitter chevron on your page. Cute post! I want to do one like it now. haha

  3. "but my coordination for anything other than pouring wine is ZERO." A-MEN SISTER! And I love ginger Sarah- so cute!

  4. Ginger - Sarah is cuuuuuuute! And don't worry my hair won't hold a curl either - unless I pay someone to do it. They have magic hair products, that if I buy them they don't work - but when they use them they work.

  5. Loved your post! Thank you so much for thinking up! I overanalyze purchases now too! I have a serious case of buyers remorse even over the littlest things! And yeah, about that side salad - there better be a full meal and dessert following it!

  6. Um...clearly I meant linking up, but I'm happy you thought up all these things you'll never be ;)

  7. yes! girl i will never be a cubs fan either - NEVER!


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