Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Chosen One

I hate winter. I AM SO OVER IT
and there is suppose to  be a big storm coming tonight/tomorrow
and I have plans tomorrow and they better not be ruined.
i am wee grumpy.

anyways I am doing two link ups today but they go hand in hand
HP & oh how pinteresting!
The theme for HP is harry potter pins!
perf :)

are you linking up??

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

yeah we all know I am obsessed.
I am off to sub for some of my fave kiddos!
See ya babes! 

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  1. The ONLY reason I want this storm is because I might get a snow day at work then. And lemme tell ya...I could use it. My mouth is still SORE and I can't take pain meds while I'm at work because the knock me out! UGH!


  2. I love your pins! I haven't seen a lot of them before which makes them even better! I think my favorite was Rupert's "Keep Calm and Bang Hermione" shirt with Emma right there. Priceless! :) Thanks for linking up, dear! :)

  3. I love these pins! We're going to Universal for the second time in three years SOLELY for the purpose of hanging out all day in WWoHP and drinking Butterbeer, and we COULD NOT BE more excited!!! LOL!

  4. Haha love them! I loved the theme park, it is seriously so fun and looks so much like the movies it's crazy.

  5. HP pins are the greatest! Sooo funny :)

  6. That Keep Calm shirt has me cracking up!

  7. These made me day. I just got back from HP world and I feel like i need to have a HP marathon soon.

  8. Love those-- especially the Some People are Gay, Get over it!t-shirt

    I nominated you for the liebster award!!! You can read about it here:

    Can't wait to see your answers!


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