Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Spicy Peanut Soy Wraps

Hey there friend!
I am about to head out to sub BUTTT i wanted to share something with you
So I am not really a recipe share-er mostly because I don't try a whole 
lot of recipes. I mean I just kinda throw things together from things
momma used to make and also add random things i find on the internet...aka pinterest.
but i digress I don't know how I came up with this (most likely something inspired me on pinterest)
but this is just kinda my own creation that i made last week.

yes the name sucks, but heyooo raise your hands if you don't care!

Spicy Peanut Soy Lettuce Wraps

-Grilled Chicken (i used the bagged grilled chicken from the frozen section)
*its just easier for me especially when making lunches*
-Chunky Peanut Butter (I used 1TBS for two LARGE wraps)
-Low Sodium Soy Sauce  (i just eyeballed it--so maybe 2 TBS but you put as much as you like)
-Seracha (add as much as how spicy you like)
-Romain hearts WHOLE

How TO-
1. Grill up chicken. Mine was already fully cooked, but i like the outside to be kinda crispy

2. While that is crisping up, melt peanut butter a bit in microwave
3. Stir in Seracha and Soy Sauce
 4. Mix chicken with sauce- make sure everything is coated

5. Separate leaves from Romain hearts and spread mixture inside

I added a little garlic salt while chicken was cooking up. Because lets be real
I add garlic to almost everything!

**You don't have to use Chunky PB, I just like the crunch! ALSO if you don't like spicy stuff
don't add the seracha. The first few times I made this, i didn't and it was just peanut butter & soy sauce and it was delish!**

I served mine with pretzels but serve with whatever you like!
even veggie chips...Yeah I know i said i hated them
but tried a new brand & i am hooked!

Anyone have any other lettuce wrap recipes? I want to try more!

PS any bachelor watchers our there?
I HATE TIERRA! Literally, I might lose it if she makes it much further!
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  1. Stealing. This. Recipe. Immediately! I've been looking for a super simple Asian-inspired chicken wrap recipe, aaaand you just made my life so much easier. LOVE IT!

  2. PF Changs has amazing lettuce wraps. i might have to try these at home. thanks for sharing girl!

  3. Wow that looks so easy, and yet so yummy! Great, healthy recipe idea :)

  4. Yum! I definitely need to try these, thanks for sharing! :)



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