Thursday, February 14, 2013

Smoochie Smoochie

Hey all you loveeee birds! 
Happy Valentines Day!
Hope all you couples out there have fab dinners & smoochies ;)

Now since this little lady is single I plan on focusing on me today.
that's right. me myself & I! 

Yesterday, I got up early & made a fab breakfast!
 Fabulous housewife I will make!

2 sunny side up eggs. Peanut Butter Toast & dried/fresh fruit salad
Mint Tea.

Yeah yeah I know ONLY egg whites are all the fad & way healthier, but i like
the yolks & if that is the worst thing I eat all day, i am FINE with it.

Then i did a little bowling last night. I sucked.
3 ZERO point rounds...innings...frames! 
but i looked cute ;)
Leggings/shirt/scarf- Target Boots/watch- Charlotte Russe

Anywhoooos onto me myself & I---
Lately I have been eating very healthy & working out.
Jillian Michaels is KICKING my ass! My legs are so sore it hurts
to sit in this chair. LOVE that burn baby!
Also I have been running on the treadmill (shoot me) and
trying out some pinterest exercises--

Find these here

Yes these look simple but BOY you will feel it! Phew! I was sweating
and feeling the burn when I was through!
I am also embracing today as a day to wear PINK&RED :)
Some of my fave looks-


So you single ladies pour a glass of wine or a vodka cran
and put on your pink & red and have a fab time ;)

Tomorrow is friday!

PS wanna win some Hunter Boots?
Check it out HERE :)
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  1. I want that pink skirt!!!!!!!!!! and that pink dress. Come to MN...I will take you to the Mall of America! :)

  2. I decided as soon as I logged on that I was only reading single girls blogs today :P
    Love your bowling outfit!! Way cute. And I might have to try some of these pinterest day...


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