Friday, February 22, 2013

Pit & Peak

Another snow day for meee :)
happy friday!

Even though we barely got any snow, just a lot of ice. OBNOXIOUS.
I know back home..STL got pounded. At least 6 inches of snow evidently.
however all schools around here were canceled for the most part.
I did not sleep in...well OKAY i did til sleep in til about 8. I am fine with that.

I am gonna head out to the gym & tan here in a bit.
Gotta be productive & get skinnnnay!
But before i do I wanna link up for Pit & Peak
with two of my favies!


Pit-Worst Part of the Week.
Peal- Best Part of the Week.

Let's do that bad stuff first, gotta get it out of the way.

* the snow/ice storm. While yes it has given me snow days it ruined my girls night out 
last night & we had to reschedule it for next week! I was SO looking forward do it.

*i have been feeling really down on my bod lately. YES i know I am the only one who
can fix it. I eat healthy. I really do. I watch what I eat and limit the bad stuff.
but the gym & I have not been BFF's like we need to be. I want to be fit
and let's face skinnnnay. I want to feel better about myself. I NEED to be more motivated
someone keep me responsible to myself...gah.
I am so jelly of Miss Marcy and everything she has done. I neeeed her dedications

alrighty MOVING ON...


* the snow storm. I did like sleeping in yesterday. I was suppose to sub
but waking up at 6 and seeing school was canceled which meant rolling over and going
back to sleep!? pretty fab.
here a few snow day pics

Just some barefoot :)

the veggies chips I actually like!

See mostly ice and bare trees.

Selfie of me mysteriously looking out the by the window.
i am lame. But hey for not brushing my hurrr all day it looks okay.
and i am pale SICK.

on to more peaks..

*I have actually kept track of some OOTD as of lately.
These are all from teaching days, because let's face it
if i am not teaching I am not putting on button pants...maybe that is why i am single??

Shirt: F21 Scarf: Express Jeans: Seven for all Mankind
Sweater/Scarf: Express Pants: Target (old)
Cardi- Rue21 Pants: Target (old) Necklace: Charlotte Russe

*HOPEFULLY roads cleared up so I can make it out tonight!

Are you linking up for pit&peak?


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  1. if i'm not teaching i'm not putting on button pants - bahahaha - this is why we are friends!!

    stay warm and enjoy your weekend. xoxo

  2. Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know and we can totally get to it :D

  3. i'm the same way, i eat healthily but i never go to the gym. it's a problem.



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