Friday, February 15, 2013

Pit & Peak

Hey there Friday! Nice to see you!
Three Day weekend, I get to see you in t minus 8 hours!!
Before I head out to sub I am linking up with  two of my most fave
bloggers for Pit & Peak.


Peak-Best Part of your week
Pit- Worst part of your week.

Well let's get the negative crap outta the way first & move on to the good stuff!

Paying 20 bucks for a fill on my nails. Raising prices on me Jennie's Nails. NO ME GUSTA

Having momentary weaknesses and feeling sorry for myself. I will not allow someone else to
determine how I feel.  He is not worth it.  I gotta stop it!

Now on the good stuffs

having a FABULOUS valentine!! Steph from The Not so Fairytale Life
was my valentine this year! She is such a doll & I am so glad that we are friends!!
Look at the little goodies she sent me :)

  • Vday Socks
  • Glasses- already been used for wine
  • Candies & chocolates
  • Wine stopper
LOVE it all! I cannot wait for you to get your box! Hope you like it love!!

Also Three day weekend! This girl DOES NOT have to work monday. Presidents' Day!

Alrighty subbing is CALLING my name.
Well 3:30 is calling my name actually and ice cold brew!
I am sure it is calling yours too!!

Have a wonderful Friday pretties!

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  1. Oh Sarah - paying for nails is the worst isn't it?! But ya can't not do it! :) I will go find dude and tell him to stay far away or else ;)

    3 day weekend for me too........hello sleeping in and hopefully getting some stuff done around the house!


  2. Thanks for linking up with us pretty! DON'T LET ANYONE DULL YOUR SPARKLE! remember that :)

  3. Hi from the link-up! :)
    Price going up on nails? No bueno, I don't blame you for hating on that.

    Your Valentine's package is so sweet, I love it.
    Happy Friday! Enjoy your long weekend.

  4. YAY for cute Valentine's packages! Packages and snail mail in general are the best, aren't they?! We should be package pen pals! Or set up a blogger package swap?! I think we're on to something... Let's text/fb chat out the details ;)

  5. I'm so glad you love all your stuff!!! :)
    I can't wait to get mine :)

    Also, I fell asleep when we were texting last night. But, keep your head up, love. Text me today!

    Heart you lots!


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