Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Oh How Pinteresting!

Wednesday already?
Happy Hump Day!

nothing too exciting around these parts today! I just have a doctors appointment
and hanging out with my mom.

on to the link up--

Did you link up?

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  1. did you see you won on Sami's blog!! ahhhhh - yay!!

    ha that wal-mart e card is SO me!! drive me crazy!!

  2. The Wal-Mart thing - yes ME! At EVERY store. Seriously...WHY DO PEOPLE JUST RANDOMLY STAND IN THE MIDDLE OF AN AISLE?!?! GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!!!!!!!! lol

    I heart youuuuu. If you stay up here tonight lemme know!

  3. thanks for stopping by my blgo and following - following you back! agreed on walmart too. so annoying. also love that chevron rug - too cute!
    -- sephora giftcard giveaway

  4. Ohh I just love these pins!! Especially the quote about God preparing you for greater things- that is just what I needed!

  5. oh yes indeed those leopard pink sneakers are amazing and i love that quote too it is so true! if we wait on Him and His timing, things will be perfect because He is perfect

  6. hahah I LOVE that e-card about Walmart!


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