Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's A-okay

Tomorrow is Friday :) EEK!
I am so glad it is thursday because I have so many fun things planned for this
weekend! Rescheduled girls night tonight! Mexican food...yeah gotta find a cheese-less
option, DO NOT get me started! it pisses me of just thinking about it
Then a night out with my favorites! Perfection.

Yesterday was a busy day! I had to sub in the morning then many errands.
 OOTD- Sweater- Charlotte Russe, Pants- Target

made a fabulously healthy lunch & cleaned my kitchen

Chicken & Spinach Tacos. BTW I found this buffalo Ranch LIGHT that
is only 60 cals for 2 TBS!!

then...a nap.

Well then I did a lot, and by a lot i mean almost a month worth of laundry
at my friend Jessicas & watched Duck Dynasty. I am so obsessed. It's sick.
My fave quote of the night...

"I am going to need your man card and you need to shave your face"- Jase.
I LOVE JASE. He is so sarcastic, i literally cannot help but be attracted to him.
i need counseling. 

Anywhoos I am linking up with Amber for
It's Okay Thursday

It's A-OKAY...

..that I am way too excited for girls night tonight. I have had my outfit picked
out already, like since last week.

..that my milk went bad 5 days ago and it is STILL sitting in my fridge.

..even though I had not done laundry in almost a month I still had PLENTY
of undies to last at least another 2 or so weeks.

..that i rearranged my apartment two days ago but I don't know if 
I like it so I might change it back.

..that i have zero posts planned at all. I kinda feel like I am in a rut 
with blog posts, HENCE the lack of post yesterday.

..I LOVE going to the dollar store.

..that i severely hate shaving my legs & getting to wear pants
so i don't have to shave is the best part of winter.
*i am gross*

alrighty i better get my day started!
hope you have a FABULOUS thursday :)


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  1. That lunch looks great!

  2. Those chicken and spinach tacos look SO good!

    And really, what girl likes shaving her legs? I hate how quickly everything grows back with shaving. That's why I stick to waxing. Tmi?


  3. I love Duck Dynasty, and Jase!! And I hate shaving too

  4. I found you through link it up and I agree, HATE shaving my legs!! I hope you will return the favor and follow me!

  5. I'm going to tell you a secret...I only shave once a week during winter! #sorrynotsorry

    Also, the dollar store is probs one of my fave places to go. :)


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