Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I am the kinda girl who

Good Morning!!
How did everyone like their three day weekend? This girl did!!
I did not get out of my sweats today. #noshame
Source: google.com via Carla on Pinterest

Who watched the bachelor last night?
I feel like it is officially boring & i cannot believe he sent dez home.
I really thought this girl was gonna take the whole kit n' caboodle!!
The girls who are left are lame. I mean I like lindsey and all
(girlfrann lives and an hour from me)
but over all they just are not exciting. AshLee needs to GO.
CLINGERVILLE called, they want their queen back.

So Miss Holly is having a little link up today
called 'I am the kinda girl who'---
and I love this lady's blog & this idea.

So here you go lovers

I am the kinda girl who

*loves with all of her heart. I fall hard and try hard, sometimes too hard
to work out things that sometimes just shouldn't

*will never go a day without chocolate.

*cannot stand liars. I think it is the lowest form of a human
to straight up lie, about anything

*believes in soul mates. I truly believe there is one special person
specifically made for each of us

*cannot park a car straight to save her soul

*doesn't leave the house without perfume or chap stick

 *thinks music has power over the soul and can always
make you feel better, and even at times worse.

*has a hard time with forgiveness

*always has her toes painted, maybe chipped but always always painted

*still cannot believe even one person wants or cares 
to follow this little blog. You guys are so fabulous!!

 I hope you are linking up! I would LOVE to see what type of gal you are.
happy tuesday pretty.

PS I need this, anyone wanna buy this for a pretty ginger in missouri?
Source: cafepress.com via Sam on Pinterest


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  1. i completely believe in soul mates too. hands down! happy tuesday pretty friend! xoxo

  2. I have a ton of stuff in common with you. I am the kind of girl who does all this shizzz


  3. OMG that mug is fabulous!! And music really is powerful. It's amazing to me how it can transform or influence my mood!

    Thank you so much for linking up!!

  4. My toes are always painted too. The only times they haven't been painted in the past decade are when I'm taking nail polish off just to replace it with a new color. haha.

  5. I need that mug too!! Hilarious! And that "chocolate understands" quote, couldn't be more true.

  6. we are twins....really! :)

    <3 you! and I want that mug too!



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