Sunday, February 3, 2013

HP fashion- FINAL week

how is it sunday already? This weekend has been crazy! good lord!
yeahyeah super bowl is tonight, ehh probs not watching. I am heading over to my friend
cassie's and we are gonna watching movies & maybe watch part of the game.
I don't really care about either team so i am not too interested!
But I will fill you in on all my shenanigans from this weekend tomorrow!!

Today!I am linking up for the last week of Harry Potter fashion.
I am addicted!

Dolores Umbridge

Rita Skeeter 

Rita Skeeter by sar789 featuring an orange tank


Tomorrow is monday! Enjoy this Sunday friends!
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no? Do it.


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  1. HA! Rita Skeeter, love it! Also love that formal Ravenclaw dress... WANT. Super cute.

  2. I think Rita Skeeter is my favorite!
    Thanks for linking up :D


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