Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Harry Potter Link up

Happy Hump Day!!!

I subbed as a librarian yesterday. It was great!
Different kids every hour. SO not complaining :)
Is everyone gearing up for D..err I mean V Day tomorrow?
haha i kid. I am really not that upset about being single on valentines day.
I kinda think it's a bit over sold over hyped. 
Kinda like NYE.
If you have someone you expect it to be all fabulous blah blah and many times you 
are let down. If you are single you expect it to be awful. and it really isn't so bad.
It is 24 hours. I was single the 24 hours before it and i will be single the 24 hours after it.
no big.

Anywhoooos I am linking up for Harry Potter Fix, duh. Obsessed. :)

1. If you could be any Harry Potter character, which one would you be, and why?
Ahh this is a hard one. There are so many wonderfully amazing characters. So if I were a female character I would pick Hermione. Yes, yes so CLICHE. However not only does she end up with Ron (who HELLO I have always loved) she is the bravest character, IMO, of the entire series. She is strong & so clever. If I were to pick a male I would pick either of the Weasley  Twins. I love how they went against the grain, dropped out of school and opened up an amazingly successful store that was their dream.

2. Favorite single chapter in a Harry Potter book?
This was an incredibly hard one. I chose my favorite book out of the series which was
 The half-blood prince and chose 2 chapters from there.
I chose-
Chapter 23 'Horcuxes' because I feel like that was one of turning points that harry knew
how/what to do to defeat Voldermort as well as how insanely brilliantly demented he was.
I also chose
Chapter 30 'The White Tomb' I think was by far the saddest chapter of any book in the series.
When Dumblebore died I vividly remember having to put the book down & crying. It was devastating.
Granted as the last book ends and you realize how everything played out it makes
more sense, but in the moment it was intense.

3. What would your ideal class schedule at Hogwarts look like?
 Late Start- GIRLFRAN is not a morning person
Potions * i find them interesting but want to get it out of the way*
Care of Magical Creatures
Defense against the Dark Arts

I think all of those courses always sounded so exciting and interesting. I am HUGE nerd who loves school and classes so thats probably why I chose to many ;) 

Tell me you are linking up!! 
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  1. Visiting from the link up! I think every girl wants to be Hermione. She's amazing! I also am jealous that she ends up with Ron. Is it weird to have a crush on a fictional character? :)

    I think Half Blood Prince is my favorite book too. I need to reread them soon!

  2. Girllll please, you are my Valentine! Lol

    Did you get your box?!?

  3. You are SO right about The White Tomb - so sad, even when you've read the whole series and know what's going to happen it's still hard! And I love that you'd have a 'late start' - totally forgot to include that! Haha.

  4. Haha I love the answers. I'd want to be Luna, I love Luna!


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