Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Fancies

It's been a long kinda stressful week but I am so glad that
it's over & ready for that cold Budlight at 4pm.

I do get to sub for little ones today and I am excited. I have subbed for these kiddos
before and they are wonderful :) So the day should
go pretty quick & be over before i know it.

Today i am linking up for Friday Fancies. I have an obsession with fashion
*my bank account doesn't allow me to take my passion to fruition*
and i love the themes she has for the next few weeks so I am jumping on board!
This week's theme is all about layers & staying warm while looking fab during these chilly
winter months!

Friday Fancies-Layers Feb 8th

Friday Fancies-Layers Feb 8th by sar789 featuring h&m

I am obsessed with those boots & the new fad of the socks a bit above the boots
and of course chambray. (I have two of my own)

LOVE fashion, you should see my fashion board on pinterest.
while you're over there you should follow me ;)

Hope you are staying warm on this friday & have a fab weekend.

XO loves

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  1. it seems everybody is in into firdays - because of course it means the weekend. but this brings along drinking wint and beer - i don't like either...I need to find something I like - maybe it will make the week easier to get through!


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