Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Don't let them dull your sparkle

Hey there lovers!
phew glad monday is over! Only four days till a three day weekend!

So ladies we made it through another Monday! How was yours?
Mine was pretty good. I didn't sub so I slept in a bit
went grocery shopping & did the 80509458 dishes that have piled up.
reminder: this lady doesn't have a dishwasher...kill me.
it sucks. i complain about it everyday.
i am spoiled. i get it. but i want a dishwasher.

ooh and this little diddy came in the mail for moi
momma sent me a little vday package :)

Then this little girl made a fab dinner, trying to be a skinny betch i was super healthy.

Spinach & Provolone stuffed baked chicken, roasted chickpeas & garlic asparagus.
uh yummmmo. i love chickpeas (aka garbonzo beans). I usually just toast them in a skillet
but i found this recipe and tried it. DELISH! They got a bit crispy. I have a lot left over & cannot wait to snack on them! I didn't have kosher salt/ginger so those were left out.
* i also tossed in a heaping teaspoon of plain greek yogurt with the spinach while wilting it
& it made it super creamy and easier to stuff in le chicken*

 Then i settled in for the bachelor. HOLY CAMOLEY!
tell me you watched that shiz. I almost died.
seeeee ya tierra. buh bye. 
we all know sparkle means cah-rae-zeeeeee!
If you follow me on twitter you know my feelings..and yah i probs tweet too much about it.
Oh you don't follow me? go on then-- @LittleRed809
Oh and then i watched massive amounts of bravo & teen mom2.
seriously my reality tv addictions is UNACCEPTABLE.
but let's get real, brandi sucks. #RHOBH
kyle is fab. #RHOBH Leah is CRAY and acts like a child #teenmom2

Let's not forget my dessert! I did limit myself to one. :)

I swear I only got healthy stuff at the grocery store & already have 5 days planned for my workouts
gettin serious here. well trying. Gotta get motivated.

ALSO i have three..okay thats a lie FOUR wine bottles I need to figure out what to do
with. I have three painted already put around my my apartment so i dont really wanna do that again.
any thoughts??

Another thing- I am feeling so much stronger lately. I want to thank all of you who have
supported me so much. Break ups are so hard and the times where i felt
so incredibly lost & like I was drowning, so many of you were there. I had 
a moment of clarity last night and I just feel so much better about things.
I pray i continue down this path and keep positive.
you guys are wonderful. point blank.

Have a fabulous day.
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  1. Praying for you, sweet girl. Breakups SUCK. However.. good girlfriends, red lipstick, and great wine do not! Always here for you no matter what :)
    Also- I say we have a reality tv date. It sounds like we are obsessed with the same shows. Leah drives me NUTS and I can't believe I actually liked Tierra for .5 seconds in the first episode- what was I thinking?!?

  2. Can you write a cookbook, PLEASE? And as for your wine bottles, I always like to glitter around the bottom and then wrap bakers twine around the neck. Just a thought. :)

  3. yay!! i love that you are feeling great. ahhhh - i want a mommy like that. jealous!! have a great week pretty girl! xoxo

  4. you are a life stealer - in that we have too much in common! I love me some Reality TV. I am glad you are feeling strong! I just found you not too longer ago and didn't really backread so I wasn't aware of mentioned breakup - I went through one 2 days after NYE - they suck. BUT YOU MY DEAR ROCK! Stay strong lovie, stay strong. And a Reality TV date sounds amazing - as J mentioned above :) Sign me up for that!

  5. HEARTTTTT YOUUUUU. We are strong, beautiful, amazing women. These boys are just too stupid to realize that. :)

  6. That meal looks and sounds delicious! I also love chick peas, and wish I could eat them all the time. My boyfriend thinks they're nasty though, but seriously, what does he know?! They're amazing.

  7. That dinner looks amazing! :) Yum! Oh & I was so glad to see Tierra outta here! Finally!

  8. I totally forgot about Teen Mom 2 on Monday. I'm slacking lately!


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