Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cara box & An Award

Good Morning Beauties!
well snow storm insane is back for part two..
so my subbing got canceled... great. 

Anywhoos WHO watched the bachelor?
we all know I did especially by my tweets.
Do ya follow?
go on then.

AshLee be CRAY CRAY. I usually hate that expression, but it is the only way to describe
her and the ring description she gave on her date. WTF girlfriend. I would abandon you too.
get outta here with that.
SEEE YA. AshLee got the boot, I was almost as excited as when tierra left, errr got kicked to the curb!
  AshLee was PISSED, bee-tee-dub.

 OOTN.. yeah before you tell me how pretty am,
girrrl I KNOW.
*check out those new yoga pants. 12 DOLLAS at Gordmans...I will take it*

Alrighty I wanted to share with you two things today--

My Cara Box. Do you guys do this?
if not you totally should. It is an amazing swap 
that Miss Kaitlyn does each month.
Basically you get paired up with two fabulous ladies. One sends to you
and you send to the other lady

I was paired to send to Kate who has not gotten her
box yet because of that stupid storm stopped me from getting to the post office on time
It is the mail i promise!! and I hope you love everything.
The fab lady who sent me presents was Jen
and let me tell you she DID AMAZING!! This girl got me!

-Candles. They are the perfect colors for my living room & one in my bedroom
-Romance Book. UH hello sexy cowboy. We all know how much i love a cowboy!
-Altoids, girlfran gotta have great breath!

Thank you so much Jen, i loved everything :)

 Just drinking my wine during The Bachelor!

alrighty onto the next thing

I was nominated again for a Liebster Award. Check out the other times i was
nominated here and here.
This time i was nominated by the lovely Blake. I really like her blog & I cannot wait 
to get to know her more!
Now since I already won this award I won't be handing them out to anyone
BUT i will answer her questions that she so wonderfully put together.

  1. Do you have tattoos? If so, what is your latest one? If not, would you ever get one? What would it be? Yes i do have one! I have the breast cancer ribbon on my left foot. I got it for my cousin who passed away in May 2008.
  2. Would you rather cut your hair to the tops of your ears or not shave your legs for six months? NOT shave. I mean if i could, i totally would. WHO likes shaving??
  3. What is your favorite month of the year? OOH this is hard. I want to say July because it's my bday month. But I think I am going to pick April. I love spring SO MUCH!
  4. If you could only drink water and one other liquid for the rest of your life, what other drink would you choose? Wine. obvi.
  5. What is one of your goals you hope to achieve by 2014? Have my own classroom, keep those fingers crossed!
  6. What is a TV show that your parents didn’t let you watch when you were little, but you watched it anyway behind their backs? hmmm i didn't really have any TV shows I couldn't watch..well i wasn't allowed to watch The Simpsons, but i had/have no desire to watch i.
  7. What does your dream house look like? Oh good lord, i have way too many idea--- here are a few ideas..
  8. Source: imgfave.com via Sarah on Pinterest
    Source: saifou.com via Sarah on Pinterest
    Source: Uploaded by user via Sarah on Pinterest

    All these pins can be found here on my Dream Home Board

    8. If someone paid you ten dollars every day you left the house without any makeup on, how many days would you go out without makeup?As many as needed probs.. I honestly might get used to it. 
    9. Tell us a story about how you embarrassed yourself in front of your crush in high school. If you don’t have one to tell, describe what would have been the most embarrassing thing to happen. Is it weird I don't remember? I do embarassing things on the daily so I really cannot think of any..
    10.  If your job asked you to relocate to the middle of nowhere, would you happily go? Happily? Maybe not, depending on where and honestly how much I was getting paid, I'd do it.  
    11. What is your favorite thing about the summer season? Oh geez, my bday :) 

    Here is to this snow getting outta here!!
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  1. I can't wait to participate in the Cara Box for March! Super pumped...

    oh hello Thirft Shop - sorry it's on the radio rigth now...imma take your grandpas style - no for real tho.

    an we're back! Crossing my fingeeees and my toesies for your own classroom!!!!

    and super jealous that you are home AGAIN because of SNOW!

    ...one mans trash is another mans comeup.


  2. I had to skip doing the Cara Box this month, but I totally signed up again for next month! It's sooo much fun.

    Plus, you and I do our gift exchange so we get double the fun. :)

    Ummm, my weather app on my phone shows STL is getting snow today through Thursday. I guess it's heading our way.

  3. Finally, someone posts an outfit I can get behind! That's what I look like every night at least.

    I love your dream house, buy it so I can move in.

  4. I love the way you write! Very entertaining! Following you now. :)


  5. A trash novel...YEAH! And the candles are adorable!

  6. You're hilarious! Glad you liked the box. The whole "sexy" theme really threw me off. Sorry I didn't get you those edible panties but I felt it would be crossing the line. LOL
    I'm so ready for the Bachelor WTA this coming Monday. I'm going to leave my husband for Sean Lowe... really. LOL
    Okay, I'm jelly because I still haven't received my Cara Box :(


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