Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Facts of Me {Link Up}

Happy Tuesday!!
is your's going like that? Mine sure as hell isn't
How are you this morning? Me? I am FREEEEZING! It is cold in Missouri
and I am SO not digging it...at all.
and where is my beer? Oh wait its morning time and that is evidently not okay..

Last night my friend Leah came over to have a little girls night!
I made Eggplant Parm & sauteed veggies.
rachael ray...what???
Little lady is a vegetarian and total health nut..which I NEEEED to be.
health nut, not vegetarian.
anywhoos it WAS fab and so nice to sit around be with a good friend!
Plus the bachelor makes any monday WAY better.  
Sean is literally so hot it hurts for me to watch the screen

I am still deciding which ladies I love & loathe. Tiara or whatever her name is
well, she is at the TOP of the hate list. 
Kacie B is this homegirl's FAVE!

Tonight I am going my most favoritest Mexican restaurant in Springfield!
there are legit too many to count, and I have been to most, if not all.
oh em gee. DELISH! 
The spinach & chicken quesadilla is CALLING my name...now.
well plus the strong margs & good friends aren't going to hurt either!

But before I head out to sub I am linking up
with Whitney who i am newly OBSESSSSED with. Literally her witty
posts are must reads each day! This link up is all about the
facts of Moi...

  • I love queso. Obvi by my tush, you probably know that. But good lord yumo.
  • I have only been on a plane twice. To and from texas to visit my friend Katie 
    (WHO BTW you will meet on Thursday!)
  • I only write in black pen! I HATE blue pens. 
  • I LOATHE doing dishes, and not having a dishwasher makes me physically angry 
  • My hair is a virgin. I have never dyed/highlighted/anything to it.
    a few bad hurr cuts, yes (sarah should never EVER do a full bang) 
    but this ginger is el natural.
  • I have not grown since sophomore year of high school. Still rocking the 5'1 bod
  • I get carded FOR pretty much everything. Even rated R movies...
    when buying them at Walmart. fml
  • I use hashtags WAY too much on twitter. I annoy myselfdo ya follow? 
  • My road rage is unacceptable. I blame stupid springfield drivers
    and growing up in STL where being a crazy road rager is the norm.
i swear I don't flip everyone off..
Go link up!
Its a one time only thannng.

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  1. Just found your blog through Whit's link-up! I can totally sympathize with many of these. Recently I had someone ask me how old I was when I tried to buy a lottery ticket (I'm almost 28) & my boyfriend makes fun of me for the amount of hashtags I use ("not every tweet needs a hashtag" um yes, it does). Can't wait to read more!

  2. I have horrible road rage. My husbands friends always talk about how I never curse and how sweet I am...and they recently they rode in the car with me. They don't quite look at me the same.

  3. I love the bachelor and am in total agreement with your hate for Tiarra.

    I also cannot write with a blue pen. I hate it! Only black.

  4. I really dont like doing dishes either! A dishwasher is a necessity! :) My hair is a virgin too, I will never colour it unless I start to get gray hair. I also haven't grown any taller since I was 14! xo


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