Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Spinach Quesadillas & a Hot Mess

Good Morning Sunshines!
How are you doing today? I am doing pretty fab if i don't say so myself!
being positive! Think, act, believe.

Yesterday was a pretty great day! I didn't have to sub so I had a pretty nice 'Sarah' Day!
I got up early (okay..so it was 8:30, but on a day off that's early!) made hot tea
and a little breakfast and perused blogs all morning!
It was grand!

 Lipton's green tea & scrambled eggs with spinach/jalapenos with
one slice (40 cals) of provolone cheese and wisp of ketchup

Then a bit of cleaning and putting away clothing, aka everything i tried on for the weekend and 
then decided not to wear that was strewn all over my room. All hung up & put away.

Then a little running around town going to the grocery store, walgreens, and the bank.
I am SUCH a bum.  
Please look at what i wore in public.
VS yoga pants & MSU sweatshirt-- outift completed with
Old Navy flip flops. (fashion blogger i am NOT)

I am a hot mess!

Then after I got home girlfriend made a FABULOUS lunch!
right off the top of my head, zero planning...proud. DUH.

  Spinach & Chicken Quesadillas

This was literally SOOOO easy peasy.--

  1. I took grilled chicken (i have pre grilled chicken in bag from the store-freezer section- or grill your own) put in on a tortilla added seracha for heat right on top of chicken
  2. Then sauteed a handful of spinach in a pan (i added garlic salt/cumin/splash of olive oil to spinach while sauteed ) 
  3. Then added spinach on top of the chicken.
  4. Put a piece of the provolone (40 cals a slice-- Sargento Brand) on top of the it all and then put the other tortilla on top. 
  5. Crisped up each side if pan! (i used same pan from spinach, just wiped quickly with a paper towel!)
  6.  Lastly added a dollup of Greek yogurt (Plain tastes JUST LIKE sour cream  &WAY less cals)
ta-da! Took less than 15 minutes!

did i just share a recipe? who am i??

After lunch I was a bum and DID NOT want to drive to the gym so
i tried this workout i found, and WOAH i am feeling the burn!
*I added a 15 second water/breather after the jump rope and a 1 minute jog in place/
water break at the end before starting it over. I did it 2x like the workout said. It was just a little over 20 min and I was SWEATIN' *
Did some intense abs workout and then settled down for the Bachelor
& a little DIY project
 I will share the project this week!!
Great day overall! I am ready to be back subbing though 
and workin' for that money honey! 

Tonight there is an event for my business organization i was in during college. It is rush week
which means trying to get new members blah blah. anywhoos it's TRIVIA and i am stoked.
fingers crossed my trivia skills will be payin those bills....i mean impressing my friends.

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  1. You just made this girl entirelyyyy too hungry! I LOVE me some spinach, cheese, eggs... basically everything in this post haha. And don't feel bad- I'm a hot mess on a regular basis these days. Just embrace it ;) you still look cute!

  2. I've gone out in public looking worse. Sometimes it's just like, who cares?!

  3. Girl, that's my normal attire on my days off. LOL. I'm not even ashamed.

    And, ummm....I want some of the quesadillas!!


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