Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oh How Pinteresting!

Is it Wednesday already??
I am alright with it!
Today is a bit chilly-er.
Spring, WHERE ARE YOU???

Last night's trivia was a blasty blast! Hanging out with my friends
and getting to know prospective new members is a wonderful time! I think I held my own
well..mostly on any reality tv/pop culture trivia...other than that, I was useless.
SHHHH don't tell my team! I am sure I made up for it with my sassy remarks
and loud obnoxious cheering and woop wooping.
What can i say? I am supportive of the whole trivia team sport scene.
We did get second place!!


Tonight is bowling. If you think my trivia skills are stellar, just wait for bowling.
bumpers not acceptable?? Just call me Gutter Ball Red.

I am hoping this will be an individual competition.
i don't want to lose friends.

But I am excited to see all my franns & to hopefully knock down some pins!
(booze is outlawed at these let's hope I can at least hit one pin..because I have zero excuses for sucking)

Oookay on to the link up!

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  1. i love ellen - bahaha, she cracks me up.

    good luck bowling tonight doll. if you suck at least you will look super cute! lol.

  2. Haha the Ellen one cracks me up, and I love aristocats! Have fun bowling, I think I'm probably the worst at bowling. Ever. Little kids without bumpers are better than me.

  3. Good luck bowling...I'm not that great myself. Someone wanted to take me bowling for a first date once and I totally refused haha. It was awkward.


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