Thursday, January 24, 2013

Guest Post {introducing Katie}

SO glad it is already thursday! 

Anyways today I am VERY excited to share someone with you.
She has a wonderful blog and happens to be my real life friend!
Katie and I have known each other since junior year of high school where we hit it off the first
day of Algebra! She quickly became one of my closest friends!
She is an amazing person and a fabulous writer. Her blog actually inspired me to start writing
mine. She lives in Vegas now with her hubby 
(I ALWAYS knew katie would get married and start a little family right away :)) 
and they are just too adorable!!

So without further ado--
Hi, ya’ll! I’m Katie Garrett of sweet pea’s blog. I write about my life as an Air Force wife, momma to two fur babies, and knitting pretty things. I love to create and bless other people by them. sweet pea’s is my little place of the interweb where I can share my life and loves with others. 

I’m almost always working on some knitted project. Whether it’s my newest favorite right now: bow ear warmers, or my more perfected patterns of fingerless mitts and sweet little baby booties, I love having something that is a work-in-progress. And I always have a scarf I’m trying to finish. Besides knitting, my hubs & I love to ski in Utah. It’s such a great mini getaway for us to get out of the desert and into a winter wonderland. I’m in my student teaching semester of college for the sweetest first grade class ever and love every second of it. I can’t wait to have my own classroom of my own! I’m always go-go-go but love to take time out of my day to walk our dogs around Nellis Air Force Base, lounge on the couch with my love, or catch up on blogging a little. 

Austen & I.
Sarah and I have known each other since high school. She’s pretty dang cute, isn’t she? Some of my favorite memories with her are rushing back to my locker after lunch and between classes to get mints and giggling about boys. I moved to Texas right before our senior year, and during our sophomore year in college, she completely surprised me by coming to Texas for New Years. I had no idea it was her until she got off the plane (my sister lied and told me someone else was coming in town…Sarah was a much better surprise!). 

See? We were pretty excited.

I am so grateful that Sarah offered to have me guest post on her blog today! I’d love for all ya’ll to stop by sweet pea’s and follow if you’d like, and leave a comment introducing yourself. I love meeting new people, even in the not-so-little blogging world 

matching sweats, we are toooo cool. ;)
NOW go check her our 

have a great thursday pretties!!

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  1. YAY! Thanks so much for having me on your blog today, doll! Love you :)



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