Friday, January 25, 2013

Confesh Sesh

happy friday lady frannns! We made it another week!
thank the lord.

Anyhwoos I am off today! I swear I a going to be productive..

gonna clean my apartment, get my nails did, shopping
blah blah blah---
One of my faves is coming to town tonight for some weekend college
type fun coughdrinksondrinkscough
and I cannot wait to seeee her pretty face!
Lord help me this weekend!

anywhoooos before I go i am linking up with Miss Leslie
for Confessional Friday.

I confess
that I bought and read the newest cosmo in one day.
 Julliane Hough is GORG!

also that said cosmo was not a wise purchase because it was the
'love' issue. excuse me while i vom. being heartbroken & reading a love issuse was a POOR choice. sick.

that veggie chips are sick. I saw them at the store the other day
& thought I would try them out..ya know trying to be healthy.
SICK. never again.

That i just got a HUGE check from my long term sub job and all
i want to do is spend it.

I have fallen asleep THREEEE times this week on my couch and never got up to move to my bed.

I have only worked out 2 times this week & i had mexican on tuesday

that all i want is my own classroom and that i praying to those teacher
gods that I will be blessed with one.

that i am entirely TOO excited about the possibilty of a blogger vacay/sleepover at Marcy's in August and I PRAY it all works out.

that i am SO glad its friday and cannot wait to have a drink in my hand.

xoxo lovies

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  1. My Friday confession:

    I'm happy/sad that we are going through the same stupid sitaution with stupid boys so we can text about it.

  2. I'm off today, too! And it's already 2:00 and I'm sitting here wondering what I'm doing with my life. I haven't done a THING all day!

  3. bahhh I had forgotten you're a sub. How do you like it?


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