Monday, January 28, 2013

Cara Box Swap!!

Hey there lovies!!

Monday is here again...merp.

Today i am VERY excited to share my cara box swap with youuu!
If you do not know what the cara box swap is, pop on over to
Kaitlyn's blog and check it out!

Cara Box

Basically you get paired up with another girl and you send her
a fabulous box after getting to know her! I was paired up with
Holly and I sent her box with lots of love & hopefully she enjoys it!

Now onto the gorgeous gal who had me!
Janna was my swap partner and she is fabulous!
She blogs all about her life as a momma, wife & life in the Military
She put a lot of thought into my box and
I am so grateful she is my very first Cara Box swap partner!
You should pop on over there and check out her blog!!

Let's check out my goodies!
My presents :)
During our chats I told her about my rough break up and also how I am trying to get back 
on my fitness track! She really listened and sent me--

-a workout water bottle
-hair elastics to hold back my bangs. BTW obsessed with these
because they have littler rubber grippies on one side to the headband wont slide off!
-Chocolates: a little stash of happiness
-a notebook to write down happy thoughts/things I am thankful for. Sometimes 
i forgot how blessed I am and I am going to start writing them down to remind me
-a wine bottle turned snazzy.

Sweet note inside my new notebook

Wine bottle filled with sand & seashells

already on top of my fridge :)

Thank you so much again Janna! 
Have a great week lovlies!

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  1. You're so sweet! I'm really glad you love everything :)

  2. I'm loving checking out what everyone got in their Cara Box! What an awesome box! Love the little note inside the notebook, too! All so very thoughtful.


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