Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Recap

 happy monday pretties!

Linking up for my weekend update

This weekend was a pretty good one.
Friday, I had zero intention of doing anything. I literally was in sweats
on the couch sulking when my friend leah dragged my little butt out.
I am glad she did. Her brother was in town and we ended up going to a little
hole in the wall bar (where i just drank H20). I am glad i went because
all this moping is not helping me.
 ootn- What I wore friday night
express skinnies, f21 jacket, target scarf, and the ever popular fuchsia flats
Saturday- was a good day. I got up kinda early and semi cleaned...aka I just
put away laundry. My room and kitchen are still a mess. Then I headed to Branson
to meet up with lindsey. She lives down there & is also a teacher (except she has
a her own classroom). We worked a bit her classroom then did lunch
and hobby lobby-ed it up as well as target where I got a
fab chambray shirt. It is super light and i really want a darker
one, but thats for another day & another pay check.
Then saturday night was a blast. I met up with a bunch of teachers
i graduated with and we went to dinner and then of course to the karaoke bar.
it was crazy but a great time.
Sunday- napped.& watched Bridezillas all day.
end of story.
ootd- Saturday outfit running around with lindsey.
seven7 jeans, f21 plaid shirt, white flats
 ***excuse the christmas mat***
 the group on saturday :)
Well I need to head out to sub.
I am very excited to see the kids!
Have a fab monday!


  1. what a fun weekend! how nice of your friend to drag you out! Love you OOTDs!
    Helene in Between

  2. Love your looks girly!

    xo, Emily

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend! Love you in red plaid!

  4. Love your friday night outfit! I also have some pink flats and I love them!


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