Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend Recap

Good Morning!
Monday rains on my parade again.
But i am ready to head to school and see the fifth graders.
I actually caught myself calling them 'my kids'
this weekend..WOW.
 That is such a teacher thing to say about his or her class.
I have only been their teacher for a week.
i love them and i am excited to see them today.
Quick weekend recap--
Friday- Went out to karaoke bar for one of caleb's friends bday.
Saturday- Caleb and I went shopping and then dinner at Red Robin.
After that I went out with my friend Lindsey for a few drinks.
Sunday- Chiefs Game. I am sure you all heard about the terrible tragedy of one of their
players who killed his girlfriend and then commited suicide in front of the owner
and head coach of the Chiefs. It was quite a sad day, but the guys pulled out a win.
Caleb & our friend Ben kareoking
Jess & I
Caleb & I
ben & i
So on a more serious note,
I have some stuff going on that I am not ready to share or talk about.
I feel like it's hard for me to be very positive and 'chatty' on the blog
because i have this dark cloud hanging over me. I just ask
that you bear with me and send me good vibes. I am having an extremely hard time
dealing with things that are going on and honestly I am trying to make it through
just day by day. I might share whats going on at some point but i think
in some  immature way i feel if i write it out, it makes it more real
and i am just not ready for that.
I am sorry to be so vague but I feel like I am not being myself and real on this blog
if i don't let you know.
Alrighty I need to head to those kiddos
 so I hope you have a
great Monday!


  1. karaoke bar? sounds like the perfect start to a weekend!!!

  2. Good vibes being sent out to you!!

  3. AH! New follower from the blog hop! I love karaoke! :) It's my favorite! :)
    Also, I hope that you start feeling better about whatever is going on in your life. You can always vent :)


  4. Wow you had a super funn weekend!! Minus the terrible tragedy. Surprisingly I haven't heard about it... Weird. And sending lots of great vibes your way! I would love it if we followed eachother! Let me know (:

    Happy Holidays Hun <3

  5. Good vibes & prayers for whatever it is that is bothering you!

  6. The incident with the Chief's player is such a tragedy. I know lots of thoughts and prayers are going out to the whole organization.

  7. sending some good vibes your way!!

    New Follower :)

  8. Sending good vibes to you!

    That is definitely a teacher thing :)

  9. Oh girl, I'm sorry things are rough right now. I know you said you don't really want to talk about it, but if you change your mind I'm only an email away. :)

    And girl, I'm glad you are bonding with your students already. I'm not a teacher, but I definitely call the teens I mentor "my kids" :)

  10. I'm sorry you are going through something tough. Keep your head up. You can get through it. I love your jacket btw.

  11. I have nominated you for the inspiring blogger award, check out my post

    Jenn xo


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