Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Things that make me go hmmm

good morning!!
So I am stealing this little post idea from
miss allie over at Tales of a Twenty Something
These are things that make me go hmmm...
and sometimes GRRRRR

OH any this is my 100th post! :)
1. how people are still doing the duck face in 'selfies' aka self taken photos.
QUIT IT. DO you not see the countless pins/photos on facebook, twitter etc
making fun it. STOP.
2. How kids are not into things like disney movies or polly pockets anymore.
They like things like justin beiber, call of duty and apps on an iphone
What happened to a carefree and simple childhood.

3. Why people, mostly girls, watch the Victoria Secret fashion show.
a) you are just going to be sad/jealous of their bods.
b) the lingerie they model is not for sale/something you can never buy.
what is the point??

**4. Parents who send whole/king size candy bars with their 5th graders
for lunch. Now i am going to get on a bit of a soap box here--- WHY on earth would
you send a huge candy bar for their snack?? Now perhaps a mini candy
around Halloween or Easter or even just once in while, but a HUGE full size candy bar
for their snack! Unacceptable. I am sorry but there are multiple reasons why this is
not okay.
-Sugar High The kids get crazy and are sugared up for their teachers which makes
the learning process extremely hard.
-Unhealthy There are a million other options for a healthier snack that are probably
cheaper than that candy bar. There is zero nutritional value in that
Snickers bar. With child (and let's be real) adult obesity at such
a high in our nation, that candy bar is not helping the cause.
**disclaimer** I am not saying candy is bad. I like candy. I am saying that sending a
giant candy bar with your child for snack all the time is not okay.


Now I don't have curly hair but i totally feel that way!
& yes a little harry potter humor never hurt anyone's day.
Happy Tuesday :)

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  1. Guess who is at 50 followers! Love the list lady :)

  2. Ha that is too true! All of them!
    I don't take selfies, but I will occasionally add the duck face, because I just refuse to smile nicely in photos. But I like to play duck hunting on facebook. Just write "Bang" under every photo of a duck face. They get the hint pretty quick, and it's fun!
    And yes Mulan!! What a great one that was.

  3. Duck face is totally annoying. I really hope my daughter is going to love Disney movies. I am trying to get her to at a young age. LOL Even though she sees our phones and is all like ooo go into the light!
    I have bought things from the fashion show before. It's all stuff that is in store. Just made funkier looking on the runway.

  4. Ahh there's a girl who does that on my Instagram and I finally just unfollowed her because I couldn't take the duck face anymore. It was like EVERY picture. Lol


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