Sunday, December 16, 2012


  I didn't know what to write about the senseless tragedy of Friday.
As a teacher, my head simply cannot wrap around
what happened.

All i could think about were the sweet hands of kindergarteners that
I have held.
The little pony tails I have fixed when the little ones
hair got messed up at recess.
The carpet time when they were entirely captivated by a book
that i was reading.
The excitement over small things like
cheez-its for lunch or extra center time.
innocent souls just like the ones I have taught lost their lives on
Friday Morning. They were sent to school, a safe place.
They were probably doing Christmas projects or getting ready for recess.
Then everything changed.

How could this happen?
I was angered, saddened and shocked.
I still cannot get over it.
and i shouldn't.

No one should. I am so afraid this day will be forgotten.
That it will fade away.
After Columbine, HOW could anyone let anything like this happen again?
People reference columbine, but if it was so horrific, why was nothing put in place 
in every school across America? Why?

I hope this changes things. I don't know how or what, but I hope it does.

But today instead of watching the news and continuing on about the
shooters, because why should they get press or attention,
let us take time to remember the sweet innocent children
whose only guilty act was to attend school
and for that they had their lives taken.
Here is a list of all who losttheir lives at 
Sandy Hook Elementary on Friday, December 14, 2012

May you ever rest in peace sweet children.

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